Aggrand Canada Orders

Here are a few details on ordering AGGRAND fertilizers when you live in Canada….. a troubleshooting guide for shipping, distribution centers, the organic and all natural liquid fertilizers that are available for purchase.  Phone numbers to AGGRAND ordering and to us.

The five liquid fertilizers Aggrand sells in Canada.

Ordering from Canada brings a shipment from either Edmonton, Alberta or Toronto, Ontario (Mississauga). Affordable shipping. Safe liquid fertilizers.

Liquid fertilizers for lawns, flower gardens, vegetables, orchards, crops, pastures, golf courses and everything else in Canada and U.S.A. too.

  1. Yes, you can order from Canada and have AGGRAND shipped to your doorstep.
  2. Yes, you can sign up as a preferred customer, either trial membership or annual.  The fees are $5 and $10 higher.  You receive the same percentage off in paying wholesale so it is something to consider.
  3. AGGRAND fertilizers are lake friendly, family / pet safe, livestock safe.  The ingredients are all natural.  So much so that the fertilizer 4-3-3 with fish emulsion and kelp or the all kelp/seaweed fertilizer will feed all plants and are safe for pond areas.  That is safe.  No worry on runoff of synthetic fertilizers, not with AGGRAND.  Any runoff will benefit what it runs onto.
  4. There are two shipping centers in Canada.  Edmonton and Toronto.  Distribution centers.  But you must order from AGGRAND first.  Online, through me or customer service.
  5. Shipping is very affordable.  Approximate shipping on four  (4) quarts of liquid fertilizers is about $10.  On six (6) gallons of liquid fertilizers, around $20.  Shipping details.
  6. Back ordered Canadian product.  This is where the confusion comes in.  If the product is on backorder, the cart order will tell you it is not available (seems not at all) in British Columbia.  But it is.  Just will be there in a few days to a week.  It says that right on order.  Unavailable.  Product usually ships in 3 – 5 business days.  So believe the info.  AGGRAND will ship.  Go ahead with your order.

    If you prefer to place a phone order, call 800-777-7094 for AGGRAND / AMSOIL customer service. Same for Aggrand Canada.

7.  Only one AGGRAND product not available in any longer in the US and never in Canada is Wildlife Food Plot Formula.  You can order the AGGRAND NOF 4-3-3 for the same benefits on your food plot.

8.  The Organic Series 4-3-3 has been approved for Canada (pictured in banner below) and is for those that need a fertilizer that is certified for use in organic agriculture.  The Liquid Kelp 0-0-8 is also certified.

9.  Retail-off-the shelf program is available for Canadian stores too.  If you have a business, consider stocking AGGRAND.  You will not have much competition at this point, and this is a product proven safe, effective and extremely applicable to the environmentally-friendly market.  Send an email or call us for details on retail selling.

10.  AGGRAND dealers or distributors in Canada who stock are not easily available for customers.  Consider it.  Email or call us.  We know how to get you set up and focused on your interests.

11.  Commercial accounts are available.  If you think you will qualify and are interested, connect with us via email or phone.  Let us know your business and volume.  All the forms and commercial processing are available through Diane.

Call us if you have questions or want our assistance in placing your order.  We do places orders through your phone calls. 

Thank you for reading and considering these pet safe fertilizers and water-friendly by-the-lake fertilizers.

Diane Essa Adams, Independent AGGRAND Direct Distributor  ID 1755968

‘Contact me’ page with phone information. We will talk to you about what you need and placing your order from Canada.

Our Canada Aggrand banner with all liquid fertilizers, horse in pasture, sunset over lake, bird, hydrangeas and berries. The AGGRAND fertilizers are

  • Liquid Natural Organic Fertilizer 4-3-3
  • Organic Series Liquid 4-3-3 (certified for organic use)
  • Organic Series Liquid Kelp with Sulfate of Potash (certified for organic use)
  • Liquid Bonemeal
  • Liquid Lime