AGGRAND Shipping


When you order AGGRAND fertilizers, your AGGRAND shipping is usually through UPS.  Unless your weight is 240 pounds and over, then it becomes freight.  We are full service, certified independent AGGRAND dealers for the United States and Canada.  We check on our customers orders, availability and progress.  We help you hit the mark for freight discounts if you are commercial and qualify.  We help you budget cost of product orders, adhere to your timelines and shipping budget.

Here is the main information you need to know now.

A photo inside the AGGRAND shipping center shows both AMSOIL and AGGRAND cases of product.

The AGGRAND / AMSOIL distribution center.  Main center is in Superior, Wisconsin with others from Portland to Richmond and more.

AGGRAND is shipped to all United States and throughout Canada daily. Yes, Newfoundland too.

There are thirteen warehouse locations, including two in Canada.

The Alaskan warehouse is in Anchorage.  Order as anyone and your order will be shipped to you or you can pick up at that distribution center once order an availability is confirmed.

Hawaii – order like anyone else. Your distribution center usually goes out from Portland, Oregon. Hawaii shipments are through USPS.

AGGRAND shipping costs are on the storefront.

We find the AGGRAND orders reach their location within 2 – 4 days. Depends on your location from the distribution center, but they ship quickly and we almost never wait for anything in all these years.  Of course, this also depends on product availability.

Pickup from warehouses is available.  Arranging your own freight transport is available.

FREIGHT – When the weight on an order hits 240-pounds, then it becomes freight and will not go UPS.  This is when you need to question your timeline on all the products in your order.  Do you have smaller volumes that are available now at the distribution center that delivers to you?  Do you need them sooner than later?  Is the heavy weight in the order unavailable for a few days?  Then you may want to place two orders.  Simple, more efficient time wise.  Budget wise for freight vs. UPS, not always more costly going with the freight option, but you are looking at speed of delivery here.  If you don’t want to wait on everything in your order, then two orders at once.  Contact me to walk you through, we calculate weights for you too. I will check in stock items, do a mick order, even work up your quote for the season. Then plan the best system for ordering.

Please, email or telephone with questions or for assistance.

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Diane Adams, ZO#1755968