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AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer with Organic Matter, Fish Emulsion, Seaweed, Kelp, Bonemeal, Lime, Sulfate of PotashOur website's banner designed for clicking through to buy liquid fertilizer. Reads AGGRAND STOREFRONT - MADE IN USA. Lists all choices and Liquid fertilizer prices and information. Retail welcome. Or preferred customer membership with up to 25% discounts. Seldom sold in stores. Click for online store. Our info at bottom.

Liquid fertilizer decision.  At AGGRAND, it’s to choose organic fertilizer or biobased Other places, you have to decide whether to buy liquid fertilizer or dry.  Organic and natural fertilizers or chemical.  Scan the page for answers.  Pictures save a lot of time so we used them, too.  Then if you want AGGRAND, here are your links to buy liquid fertilizer that has natural USDA Biopreferred ingredients.  Or choose AGGRAND OMRI Listed Organic Series.  Other liquid fertilizers are, liquid bonemeal, liquid kelp / seaweed with sulfate of potash, liquid lime and wildlife food plot fertilizer.   Meaning this link takes you to everything you need for your gardens, lawns, farms, turfs, ponds.


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Weekdays –  Central TimeBanner to go to all natural organic fertilizer store. AGGRAND labels, natural solutions for any crop, made in USA. And says email for catalog or wholesale prices. Specify USA or Canada. And reads, appx. 25% off for members. Quarts to bulk fertilizer.

You already know you want to buy liquid fertilizer, so won’t waste your time with convincing you to do so.  That was your link to prices, more information and ordering.  Liquid fertilizer is the easiest to meter, the least mess, the quickest fertilizing solution. Fertilizing being the great pastime, then sports.  Need to be done quickly, there are too many things to do.  But if you are like me, it is nourishing to me to sit and water the garden.  I enjoy the silence.

Liquid fertilizers are easy to apply.  There are easy hose end sprayer attachments, or you can use a liquid fertilizer pack and even ride the lawnmower while spreading across the lawn or garden.  Farmers and orchardsmen already know what to do.  Liquid fertilizers are quicker, to us.  More likely to be measured evenly across the area.  We like that liquid fertilizers are good for foliar applications too.  You have seen the row of blueberries hazed white from powdered fertilizers used in a liquid foliar spray.  AGGRAND bends that rule with super-fine ground components.  Safe, organic and all natural.

Crop sprayer, springtime in peach orchard with pink blossoms on low trees.

You can call us or call AGGRAND for information or to buy liquid fertilizer.  Call AGGRAND on Monday – Friday   7am – 5pm CST.  (48 contiguous states and Canada). Your first telephone order number would be 1755968R if you accept our invitation to work with you.  We will do our best.  Thank you.  Our contact page is on the menu.

Our job is to make certain you get your best price, orient you to the company and support your AGGRAND liquid fertilizer application needs.  We have been organic gardening for decades.  Learning more every day, so surely we have something to offer in knowledge for you in your ordering process.

How to choose your best price when you buy liquid fertilizer.  Simply said….

If you would like to order at the same prices we pay, just join the membership for $20 a year ($10 for 6-month trial) and you are going to save 20 – 25% easily on AGGRAND organic and all natural liquid fertilizers.  Less expensive overall than chemical fertilizers. The membership fee also carries over to the AMSOIL automotive and machinery products and excellent ALTRUM supplements.  See SAVE in menu for links.  Email or call us with questions when you need to order liquid fertilizer.  Will walk  you through getting your best cost and your application needs.

Cover of brochure features four of our six liquid fertilizers. Corn stalks closeup, red tractor with harvester in alfalfa field in clipshot.



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Do you want to PAY RETAIL?  Click any ‘buy now’ button and you will see retail prices on the storefront.  Orders $100 and over do not have shipping fees. Orders under $100 pay flat $8.50. (Not available for Canada or non-continental states.)

Become a PREFERRED CUSTOMER PC ?  $10 trial or $20 annual to join, no obligations or minimum orders.  How we started.  (Canadian fees and dealer fees a little higher.)

Join for $30 to be a DEALER WITH COMMISSION KICKBACKS on your own orders?

Be an AGGRAND DEALER and sell for even more commissions? Same $30 a year,

Need an AGGRAND fertilizer COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT?  And this link is to our webpage with more information for Commercial Accounts.

Want to sell AGGRAND fertilizers RETAIL-ON-THE-SHELF ROTS?    Here is our ROTS page.Arial view of greens on gold course, pond and trenches, trees. Everything summer green.

By the way, you can buy liquid fertilizer through the membership then use the same membership to order AMSOIL synthetic lubricants for vehicles and farm equipment.

Why choose to buy liquid fertilizer over dry fertilizer?

  1. some jobs are huge, liquid fertilizer makes it easier
  2. easy to handle
  3. meter more precisely
  4. no dust
  5. even spread
  6. high concentrations of easily-absorbed, soluble nutrients
  7. as close to the actual original fish emulsion and seaweed tea as possible
  8. some jobs are small, and why not make that easy too

Why Reinvent the Fertilizer Wheel? 

  • Our ancestors used fish mush and manure tea, kelp extract, potassium from the lakes and bonemeal.  Yes, it’s all in there.  Concentrate liquid fertilizers at fair pricing even before the membership discounts.
  • Why choose to buy liquid fertilizers from AGGRAND?
  • AGGRAND has a full scope website of liquid fertilizers organic- and naturally-based
  • AGGRAND application information is readily available for you.
  • AGGRAND has MSDS sheets for each product right on their webpage links.
  • Research and testing is done.  buy liquid fertilizer shows all six AGGRAND fertilizers, organic, natural, kelp, lime, bonemeal, wildlife food plot. Testimonials brochure. Made in USA. Pricing and info.
  • Testimonials.  There are online AGGRAND newsletters and experiences about others buying the natural and organic liquid fertilizers. Read stories and brags here.
  • AGGRAND is a company developed by AMSOIL, Inc. which is a company of firsts in the synthetic lubricant markets.  Award-winning and test-winning products since 1972.  AMSOIL developed the synthetic lubricants to give a base product resource outside of the petroleum needs the nation and world has developed.  AMSOIL developed AGGRAND liquid organic and biobased fertilizers to further offer answers for a healthier planet and resources that are sustainable and affordable.  Like AMSOIL products, use some now, need less later as everything improves.

Email or call – we are here to assist.

If you are converting to a naturally organic fertilizer, good choice to buy liquid fertilizer.

If you are transforming your land to a more sustainable cropping system, this one is immediately effective, viable longterm and economical.

If you are hoping for a grander garden of blooms, you will not be disappointed.

If you want to be certain your family eats garden produce that is fertilized as naturally as possible, you can rest assured.

If you are a golf course superintendent, you can see a difference and withstand drought conditions. Proven results, read Sunflower Hills Greens Up / Winter 2010.

If you are managing a wildlife food plot for hunting or photography purpose, the specialty fertilizer by AGGRAND for wildlife food plot is used by Ranch and Resort Television.

If your passion is orchard, vineyard, berry field, you will see high-yielding results when you buy liquid fertilizer at AGGRAND.

From zoo to highway department, parks and recreation to ranch, AGGRAND is becoming known as an economical, safe, effective alternative to high priced, soil-debilitating chemical fertilizers. And AGGRAND is also appreciated for the economics it provides over other organically designed fertilizers.

Since you are here, we figure you are fairly certain of the answer to your question:::

Woman in her garden, height of summer. Herbs, flowers, arbors, raised beds, mulched paths. The garden everyone wants.

Why reinvent the naturally organic fertilizer wheel? 

Just buy liquid fertilizer already designed for your lawn, garden, orchard or crops.

If you are not certain to that answer, let us send you some brochures for greater understanding of why the old stream fertilizer with liquid fish emulsion concentrate, seaweed kelp concentrate, bloodmeal, sulfate of potash and all that in the natural fertilizer is far better than chemical fertilizers.

This is uncomplicated.  AGGRAND liquid fertilizer offers a natural choice, either all natural biobased that is USDA approved.  Or NOP-certified organic liquid fertilizer.  Such as AGGRAND Kelp Seaweed with Potash 0-0-8 …. there are kelp seaweed extracts for micronutrients plus organic potash your plants need, fulvic and humic acids for uptake and chelating.  Simple work, easier planning.   Easy-to-use liquid for foliar spray, transplanting solution, and regular feeding.

Right here, answers when you are trying to buy liquid fertilizer or have a soil analysis.  People like us to talk to, conservationists.

If you want brochures or a catalog from us, just email or call our mobile office.

One reason we offer AGGRAND is that families, businesses and farms will be able to cut their costs on fertilizers.  There is a buyer’s club membership, see right menu.

Thank you for stopping by.

Now save some money and gain peace of mind for your home, your farm or your business.

Diane Adams, Independent AGGRAND Distributor

Certified Direct Account Dealer for Natural Fertilizer

Shipping anywhere in USA and Canada – So you can buy liquid fertilizer from anywhere and have it shipped to your home or barn.  Order here or get more liquid fertilizer shipping information here.