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AGGRAND FERTILIZER – Organic Liquid Fertilizer   Browse through this site map at Liquid Fertilizer, Organic Naturally to find the garden and growing areas of interest to you.   Check our menu for AGGRAND fertilizer products and for the areas of interest such as garden, pond, lawn, farm crops, orchards, organic fertilizers, sustainable farming and more.   Use blog categories for articles on ‘How to grow organic food’ and ‘What does NOP-certified mean to you, the grower.’  Learn about the best organic fertilizers and liquid fertilizers.  Bulk, drum, tote, units.  

FERTILIZER RESULTS and REVIEWS  Organic Liquid Fertilizer   AGGRAND results from gardeners, turf pros, lawn care specialists, flower gardeners, orchards and farmers.  A general page focus on results from all areas of growing all natural crops and gardens, plus pet safe lawns.Liquid fertilizers used are AGGRAND All Natural, Organic Series, Kelp with Potash, Liquid Lime and Liquid Bonemeal.  Bulk liquid organic and natural fertilizers too.

AGRICULTURAL FERTILIZER – LIQUID ORGANIC FARM FERTILIZER RESULTS –  Agricultural fertilizer reviews from several farmers.  The stories from farmers in the United States and Canada who used AgGrand agricultural fertilizer on their pastures, wheat, hay, alfalfa, corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, soybeans, cover crops and other field crops. Fertilizers offered are AGGRAND All Natural Fish Emulsion, Organic Series Fish Emulsion, Organic Seaweed Kelp with Sulfate of Potash, Liquid Lime, Liquid Bonemeal.  Bulk, drums, totes.

NATURAL and ORGANIC FERTILIZER BENEFITS and AGGRAND FERTILIZER APPLICATION GUIDES – A page for every application. From flower bed to vegetable garden. From planting bedding plants to greenhouse.  From professional turn to lawn care.  From farm to fruit orchard. Wildlife food plot management and zoo.  Liquid all natural fertilizers and liquid organic fertilizers.  An image for each fertilizer application guide.  Just click to read.

AGGRAND FERTILIZERS – All Liquid Organic Fertilizers   Choices of organic liquid fertilizers and all natural liquid fertilizers.  AGGRAND FERTILIZER.  Liquid Organic Series 4-3-3, Liquid All Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3, Liquid Lime, Liquid Bonemeal, Organic Liquid Kelp, Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer Formula. Bulk liquid fertilizers.

LIQUID FERTILIZER ORGANIC SERIES  – AGGRAND Organic Series 4-3-3 liquid organic fertilizer is intended for organic and biological growers who must use NOP and OMRI certified fertilizers. Balanced formulation with menhaden fish emulsion and kelp seaweed concentrate.  Foliar feed and soil applications.  Garden, fruit orchard, farm, market growers, organic turf.  Units and bulk organic fertilizer.

OMRI Fertilizer and OMRI LISTED INGREDIENTS INFORMATION –   AGGRAND OMRI certified fertilizer.   Intended for growers who must use NOP-certified fertilizers.  Contains no manures.  ORGANIC SERIES 4-3-3 Fertilizer.  Listed on the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

 All Natural Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate Fish Emulsion  –  AGGRAND Liquid Fertilizer USDA Biobased 4-3-3 Concentrate.  As organic as it gets without certification.  Multipurpose.  Best fertilizer that can be used by most growers.  Organic elements for organic produce, livestock, lifestyles.   Flowers, fruits, vegetables, turfs, lawns, trees, orchards, crops, houseplants. Quart, gallon, drum, tote, bulk fish emulsion fertilizer.

Liquid Bonemeal Fertilizer  –  AGGRAND LIQUID BONEMEAL FERTILIZER is already broken down for plants so they will begin feeding immediately.  AGGRAND liquid bonemeal fertilizer is an effective application for plants, flowers, roses, bulbs, gardens, root crops, and orchards.  This is a balanced formulation that contains calcium which is useful in correcting calcium deficiencies.  Bulk bonemeal fertilizer too.

Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer / Liquid Kelp Fertilizer with Sulfate of Potash   –  AGGRAND Concentrated Liquid Kelp Fertilizer 0-0-8  With Growth Hormones, Amino Acids, Nutrients for Self-Protection.  Sea kelp fertilizer or seaweed fertilizer concentrate is derived from a species grown in the North Atlantic Ocean.  Improves tolerance of heat, cold, drought.  Promotes nitrogen use efficiency, early growth, ripening.  Increases oil content in seed crops. Reduces susceptibility to insect attack and infection.  Root soak, soil, foliar applications.  Bulk liquid fertilizers.

Liquid Lime Fertilizer  –   AGGRAND Liquid Lime Fertilizer Concentrate to increase calcium.  Immediately produce green grass on yards and lawns. Highly productive pastures, alfalfa, wheat and hayfields.  AGGRAND Liquid Lime Fertilizer Concentrate is formulated with super-fine ground pure calcitic limestone.  All natural and easy way to correct soil pH if low calcium.  With humus and hormones.  Bulk liquid lime fertilizer.

AGGRAND LIQUID LIME FERTILIZER IMPROVED  –  The liquid lime fertilizer by AgGrand was improved for soil conditioning and foliar application.  The dolomitic lime was changed to calcitic limestone.  Superfine ground particle size is even 600 times smaller than previously.

Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer Formula  –  AGGRAND All Natural Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer includes only naturally organic ingredients.  The land is properly fed with the finest natural ingredients available — fish emulsion, bloodmeal, Norwegian kelp seaweed, sulfate of potash and other essential natural ingredients.  Safer water resources, environmentally safe and beneficial.  Easy application.

Wildlife Food Plots Are  –  What is a food plot?  Wildlife food plots are not just for hunting.  They can cover many acres or be quite small.  Can be created by any homeowner, offering outstanding opportunities for wildlife viewing and wildlife photography.  A food plot is a term coined by United States hunting and outdoor industries.  Wildlife food plots are areas set aside, planted and fertilized to act as a food source of clovers, alfalfa, turnips, grains, corn, legumes, beans and forage grasses.

Farm Fertilizers With Organic Matter and Nitrogen  –  A page about organic farming, natural farm fertilizers, sustainable farms.  Farmers face the demand of the most unsustainable staple food crops of all time – the grains and legumes of wheat, beans, soybeans, lentils, corn and rice.  Liquid fertilizers allow the means to sustain the cropping system with sustainable farm fertilizer and fresh practices that carry farms through disease and drought, to name a few challenges.

Liquid Fertilizer for Pastures  –  Organic, liquid fertilizer for pastures. Creating a nutrient-dense, high quality pasture grass and legume forage when you are raising beef cattle, dairy cows, goats, sheep, alpacas, llamas, grazing horses or free-ranging chickens and turkeys.  Fertilizers support pasture challenges, such as heat, drought, seasons, sun or shade of the pasture, grazing tolerance, types of pasture grasses established, disease issues, pests and insects, soil conditions.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil: A Choice for Sustainable Farming  –  The development and growing use of environmentally safe biodegradable hydraulic fluids means low aquatic toxicity and high biodegradability.  AGGRAND BHO ISO 46 is a premium performance hydraulic oil designed to biodegrade when subjected to sunlight, water and microbial activity.  High quality blend of oleic vegetable oils and customized synthetic esters.  Ashless anti-wear additive package.  No heavy metals.  Awarded Top-10 Product at the World Ag Expo

Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil BHO ISO 46 MSDS and all MSDS Hydraulic Oil Sheets  –  AMSOIL Hydraulic oil links to all the weights of HYDRAULIC OIL MSDS sheets, including tractor fluid.  Material Safety Data Sheets.

Why Reinvent the Fertilizer Wheel?  – A page on the greater understanding of why use the ‘old stream’ fertilizer with liquid fish emulsion, kelp concentrate, bloodmeal, sulfate of potash and all that in the natural fertilizer which is far better than chemical fertilizers.  A play on words, the fertilizer wheel.

Pond Fertilizer – Safe liquid fertilizers to use around ponds in the pasture, farm crops, garden, lawns, parks.

Fruit Fertilizer for Fruit Trees, Small Fruits, Tomatoes  –  All natural fruit fertilizers. Gardeners, orchards, vineyards must provide fruit trees and plants the most bioavailable nutrients when the soil is depleted due to using chemical fertilizers for decades.   Moreso, the demand is growing for organic or all natural fruit fertilizer. Powerful, efficient, affordable for smarter farming. AGGRAND Organic Fruit Fertilizer and All Natural Fruit Fertilizer answers that demand with complete liquid fertilizer, also effective foliar spray too. Citrus, apples, peach, pear, cherry, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, avocado, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, mulberry, currant, and more.

Fertilizer for Fruit Trees, Tomatoes, Citrus: The Requirements  –  A complete workup on fertilizer for fruit trees, fruit field crops such as tomatoes, pumpkins, squash. Also fruit fertilizer requirements for grapes, tropical and citrus fruit, bananas, cucumbers, watermelons, cantaloup, honeydew.  For fruit fertilization, you need organic matter, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium, hydrogen, nitrogen and micronutrients.  Zinc, manganese, iron, boron, copper, chloride and molybdenum are essential elements for fruit tree and plant growth.  Promoting microbial activity and nitrogen fixation or synergistic functions in promoting plant growth.

Fertilizing Fruit Trees  –  Apples. Pears, Peaches. Citrus. Cherry. Nectarine. Plum.  Fertilizing fruit trees is a fine balancing art.  Fertilizer application to fruit trees for adequate tree growth and good fruit production.  Excessive fertilization results in shading and poor spray coverage resulting from lush growth, thus poor fruit quality.  Not enough fertilizer decreases tree vigor, fruit production and fruit quality.  Fertilizing fruit trees with natural and organic fertilizers is a gentle application.  Foliar application for fertilizing fruit crops.    Visual and soil test analysis.  Growth ranges when fertilizing fruit trees.

Liquid Garden Fertilizer  –  Organic Garden Fertilizer for Vegetables. Tweak acidic or alkaline soil in your garden using AGGRAND liquid natural fertilizers.  Order organic garden fertilizer for vegetables… corn, beans, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, squash, peas, herbs and more. Natural liquid fertilizer for gardens.  Fish, lime, bonemeal, kelp.  Confidence in our AGGRAND fertilizers comes from the success rate from farms and commercial growers, some being the largest in the world in their production crop.

Pet Safe Lawn Fertilizer Dog Safe, Child Safe Lawns Yards  –  ALL AGGRAND LIQUID FERTILIZERS are pet friendly lawn fertilizers.  The pet safe lawn fertilizer.  Lawn, garden, flowers.  All natural and/or organic ingredients:  fish emulsion, seaweed extract, diluted liquid bloodmeal, liquid suspended super-finely ground calcitic lime. Easy spray on.  No pellets to burn grass or pet’s paws or to be eaten by a dog or children.  Organic fertilizers and natural fertilizer for a child and pet friendly yard. MSDS for all.

Lime for Lawns  –  Benefits of using liquid lime fertilizer as a soil amendment are lime to add calcium.  Lime for lawns increases bacterial activity which creates favorable soil structure that is more porous.  Kills moss, promotes root growth.  Liquid lime for lawns to keep you from being dusted in slow release powder or needing to till your planted lawn.

Flower Fertilizer – Liquid Fertilizers for Flowers.  General recommendations for roses, hydrangeas, peonies, wildflower meadows, cottage gardens, English gardens, hummingbird and butterfly gardens where safe fertilizers are necessary.

Flower Fertilization by Species – Recommendations on using liquid natural AGGRAND fertilizers for specific flowers such as sunflowers, hydrangeas, roses, peony, pansy, lavender, dahlias, petunias, foxglove, heath, gardenia, bleeding heart, azalea, rhododendron, magnolia, acid-loving flowers and flowers needing sour soil or low pH.

Bulk Fertilizer – Ordering AGGRAND liquid fertilizers in bulk. From 5-gallon pail to 55-gallon drum and 275-gallon tote. Bulk fertilizers are shipped via freight when over 240 pounds, or you pick up at nearest distribution center in Unites States or Canada.

Foliar Fertilizer – AGGRAND crop guide and gardening guide for using liquid fertilizers as foliar applications.  Foliar fertilizers in quart and bulk orders for garden, fruit, crops, commercial.

AGGRAND CATALOG  –  Order an AGGRAND catalog from us.  Liquid organic fertilizers with fish emulsion concentrate, kelp seaweed, lime, bonemeal.  Product information and application guides. 

Buy Liquid Fertilizer AGGRAND Preferred Customer Wholesale Program   –  Order liquid fertilizer from the AGGRAND Storefront.  Save up to 25% on AGGRAND organic fertilizers and natural fertilizers.  Also on AMSOIL synthetic oils and ALTRUM supplements.  All products from the same spear-head economical, ecologically-minded corporation.

SAVE ON LIQUID FERTILIZERS and ORGANIC FERTILIZERS  –  Order fertilizer at the same prices we pay.  AGGRAND AMSOIL preferred customer program is a membership to join for small annual fee.  Save 20 – 25% easily on the natural liquid fertilizers.   Save much more over the cost of chemical fertilizers.  Carries over to the AMSOIL automotive and machinery products and the excellent ALTRUM supplements.

AMSOIL Auto-Machine  –  Ask for an AMSOIL catalog here.  The same corporation that produces AGGRAND fertilizers is AMSOIL, Inc.  You can order AMSOIL synthetic oils and AMSOIL automotive products through us.  You can also use the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program to get wholesale prices on everything.

ALTRUM CATALOG  –  Order an ALTRUM catalog from us.  The same corporation that produces ALTRUM supplements and AGGRAND fertilizers is AMSOIL, Inc.  You can order ALTRUM SUPPLEMENTS through us.  You can also use the AGGRAND / AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program to get wholesale prices on everything.

AGGRAND Shipping Information  –  We are full service, certified independent AGGRAND dealers for the United States and Canada.  AGGRAND is shipped to all 50 states and Canada daily.  There are fourteen warehouse locations, including Alaska and Canada.  Shipping costs are on the AGGRAND STOREFRONT

AGGRAND FERTILIZER COMMERCIAL & ROTS RETAIL  –  Lead in page to the choice of becoming an AGGRAND fertilizer commercial account or ROTS retail account.

Commercial Accounts for Bulk Liquid Fertilizer –  AGGRAND fertilizer commercial accounts are companies or businesses, large or small, that purchase our liquid fertilizer for commercial business use, choosing from either our organic fertilizer or biobased, all natural.  Bulk fertilizer. Drum, tote.

Sell AGGRAND Fertilizers Business with Retail-on-the-Shelf  – Sell AGGRAND fertilizers in your retail store.  Create a fertilizer business.  Be one of a special few retail stores to come up as local in the dealer locator.  Gardeners and homeowners are asking for natural fertilizers.

Meet AGGRAND Dealers  –  Our AGGRAND dealer page.  Our philosophy and how we chose to become fertilizer distributors.  Indiana Bruce and Diane Adams, Independept Certified AGGRAND Dealers.

Fertilizer Blog  –  Our Liquid Fertilizer, Organic Naturally Blog.  Articles on Aggrand fertilizers.

AGGRAND News  –  Clips of updates on AGGRAND fertilizers in Superior, Wisconsin.  Improvements, new releases, newsletters, AGGRAND reviews.

AGGRAND Dealers CONTACT US  –   Information so you can contact us with email or cell phone.