Lime Lawn Treatment Is Really Calcium

The benefits of using lime as a soil amendment are clear cut and surprising.  Quite simply, the lime lawn treatment will furnish calcium.  Calcium is the nutrient reactor, or the boss, of all other nutrients that are being absorbed, especially phosphorus, zinc and copper.  Lime acts for our grass just like any decayed organic matter and compost which you don’t want to dump all over the yard, right.  But it does increase bacterial activity.  This in turn creates more porous, favorable soil structure. To the end that porous soil structure allows air circulation so the soil absorbs and holds all the desired moisture and nutrients you are attempting to get to your lawn.  Our website banner for liquid lime fertilizer - images include the jug and a bulk drum, listing sizes. READS:: data, info, prices, seldome sold in stores, preferred customer offer to save up to 25%, and MADE IN USA and click for online store. Other images are the greens - a lush lawn, a clover pasture with sheep, a hurse pasture with brown mares. And AGGRAND logo. Order liquid lime here.

Truly easy, a soil analysis for a nominal fee.  Here is a very inexpensive kit that will show you if your pH is excruciatingly low.  Or is it the calcium you need.  Most often, these are the two issues.  Mostly the calcium.  If you intend to skip a test, keep reading, we have the answers.

Important to know before lime lawn treatments —

Visual signs you do need lime for the lawn are signs of yellowish grass, the growth of moss in the lawn, the retarded growth of shoots and roots, die-back of growing tips, and premature death of older leaves.

Grass is best able to absorb nutrients in a slightly acidic soil, with a pH of 6.5 to 7.0.  Neutral soil pH is 7.2.

But what if your soil is too acidic?  And why would it be too acidic?  So you know what you can do about that issue, besides liming the lawn. Fist, oak and beech leaves, plus pine needles are acidic.  Second, the urine of large dogs and small dogs is acidic, burning your grass.  If you have experienced heavy rainfall, water is acidic.  Good to know when doing the analysis, wait a few days after heavy rain.  Third, if you have been over-liming your lawn, this too creates acidic soil, what you are trying to alleviate.   Fourth, also if you have been fertilizing with chemical products, acidic soil again.  Fifth, in some areas you may have been using a wood ash for mulch, and this spot would be acidic, so remember not to take an analysis from there and definitely don’t lime there.

Lime Treatment for Lawns Feeds Calcium

When we don’t know what our lawns really need, there can be more harm than good.  We may think that liming the lawn is a good idea.  After all, doesn’t everyone?  The goal is green grass.  But the grass sometimes burns, sometimes goes dormant just after all the spring rains.  Then we wonder if we gave it the right treatment.

If you do need a lime lawn treatment, then it is fortunate that there are better solutions than dusty or pelletized types of lime.  Those are best applied in Autumn.  The benefits take several months to be acquired by the grass.  The pellets tend to pool together and they can burn pet’s paws, besides being more expensive.  The powder is a dusty mess, you are breathing it and then you need rain or to water.  Then it takes up to two years to move through the soil structure, even when fine ground.

So these for a lime lawn treatment are not the best choice.

But the natural, liquid lime treatment for lawns is an easy application and with the super fine ground lime, the uptake by roots is immediate, no waiting months for benefits.  AGGRAND has applied their expertise to creating a super fine lime in a liquid suspension that can be applied as a spray and you can use your garden hose or a walk about sprayer, even wheel around on the lawn mower.   It is immediately effective, due to the highly soluble super fine liquid lime and readily available calcium supplementation.  You can pull it off for around $30 an acre at preferred customer prices..  And not worry about watering.

One of several advantages is that it can be applied to your lawn with a liquid sprayer or through your garden hose with the AGGRAND hose end sprayer. Another advantage is there is no dusty mess. Family, pets and wildlife will be safe from burns when on the lawn.

Lime Soil Analysis….

Lush green lawn and mature trees surround home.

Lime lawn treatment by AGGRAND is a highly improved, easy application and proven effective way to release calcium to your grass immediately.  No mess, affordable.

If you are going to order an analysis… You would not be surprised by how many who just wing it anyway, would you?   …then here is more information.  Through the analysis, you may discover that your lawn soil pH is quite acidic, meaning lower than the 6.0 that a lawn must have to utilize nutrients.  Remember to take the analysis soil a day or three after heavy rains since these produce more acidic soil, water and all being acidic.   If it is even lower than a 6.5 pH, then you do need lime for the lawn. If your lawn soil pH is higher than 7.2, which definitely more alkaline and needs sulfur, it still also means that your lawn is missing nutrient absorption.  Sulfur, nitrogen and some calcium, yes, but you certainly don’t need lime.

But how do you get the calcium if you don’t lime?

The Lime Lawn Treatment Question No One Will Ask

How do you get calcium into your soil if you don’t need lime to raise the pH?  Not that that is what lime is for either.  The answer is a combination of AGGRAND products.  If you do a test, we can tell you just what to use.  If you don’t do a test then a combination of

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AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime bottle.

Highly absorbable liquid lime for the lawn that is calcium deficient, acidic with a low pH soil.

This liquid lime is not available at garden centers because you will very very seldom find a retail-on-the-shelf store in your area.

But you can order it now, either through a phone order to AGGRAND or at my AGGRAND storefront. It will be delivered to your doorstep with what we consider to be a very fair shipping charge.

See PCs SAVE in right menu for a way to keep your cost down even more.  You know, we are always told that organics will cost more than chemical or the usual choices of anything.  AGGRAND Liquid Lime does not cost more even though it is organically-designed, in fact, most find it more affordable, especially since it spreads more evenly and is more effective.

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