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I would like to know more about your lawn service or landscape business. This way, I can be of the best service and quicker in sending the correct information to you.

Let me know if you are looking for an addition to your present fertilizer protocol for lawn customers. Or are presenting an all natural service.

We provide a source of all natural fertilizers and soil supplements that will work and will be affordable for you, therefore affordable for the customers.  Safe for pollinators, safe for ground water and inhabitants.  These fertilizers are also known to drive away grubs and then the moles leave. Kills moss naturally and safely.

Four products that will be mixed for custom applications….. our base natural fertilizer which is the Liquid NOF 4-3-3 Liquid Kelp 0-0-8 with Sulfate of Potash.  The Liquid Bonemeal 0-12-0.  And Liquid Lime.  I will assist with these decisions and if you need the CCA for anything, we will contact him too.

My name is Diane Adams. I am a full-time, independent direct account dealer for AGGRAND, the natural fertilizer division of AMSOIL, Inc.  To order from the corporation, working with a dealer is necessary and I will be yours.  I am quite present and involved with all my personal customers and commercial accounts. Whatever the question, the answer will be provided.


Wholesale. You get wholesale with either a dealer account or a commercial account.

Use this form to download my AGGRAND Collection and get the fertilizer price list, USA and Canada.  There is a Lawn Guide download and there are tips too.



Either way, prices will be wholesale with accumulative discounts. Some of my lawn service accounts prefer the cases of 2 1/2-gallon jugs for ease of use and transporting to sites.  Or you will possibly be ordering the 55-gallon drums. Regardless of cases or drums, your price is always wholesale.  A dealer for $30/annual (no selling necessary) or a commercial account, with no fee charged to you.

One benefit of the DEALER ACCOUNT is this provides a way for you to secure your lawn accounts so they do not begin to order on their own and you lose them, or if a competitor reels them in.  I can explain more, if interested, and will show you how to secure the accounts with or without selling product to them.  Here is the link for dealer registration.

If we choose COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT, I will be the one to process you in.  I will email a questionnaire, so contact me.


If you would like for me to call you, send an email reply with that request and the best time to call.  I do not call unless invited.  But I am always right here with answers.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  If you would like assistance in an order plan and a quote, let me know more including total acreage of prospective clients using all natural and how often you will apply in each season.  The dealer or commercial account gains access to the software too, where you can enter info and find the true cost for each lawn based on the size of container you are using.  Very helpful.

More on your landscaping or lawn service business

Do you have customers now that are asking for an all natural or safe lawn treatment?  I know they are growing in numbers and the businesses for lawn and landscape care that offers all natural are really busy, just with that service.  Consider, if you can do a region in your area, to add pastures.  I cannot tell you the number of horses owners and hobby farms that do not have the equipment they need for a five acre pasture application.  And they want the all natural, safe fertilizers.


Lawn services, turf pros, golf courses. They all want the green of this course. Aerial of an elite golf course.

Also applies for the professional turf like the golf course and parks.

I like to know more about all my clients.  It helps me help them.  One word answers work fine.  Thanks!

  • Do you / will you do soil analysis for customers before beginning their service?
  • Do you also have landscape services?
  • What fertilizers are you applying now, in general?
  • What are the main challenges for your residential areas?
  • Are more of your clients residential or businesses?
  • Any golf courses? Turfs? Parks? Highway departments? Athletic fields?


Fertilizers and soil supplements

NOF 4-3-3, the liquid fertilizer base….. usually a quart for 5000 feet, depending on grass being a heavier feeder or not.  Liquid lime, kelp, bonemeal, usually less.  The liquid lime is viable calcium immediately, as is the bonemeal, and both longterm too.  The liquid kelp is the doctor, all the nutrients, plant hormones, amino acids that takes lawns through stressful challenges like drought or being flooded, brings them back.

  • All natural fertilizer NOF 4-3-3
  • All natural kelp with sulfate of potash NKP 0-0-8
  • Natural bonemeal NBM 0-12-0
  • All natural lime

AGGRAND COLLECTION fertilizer catalog for lawn services and professional turfs. Information for golf courses on natural fertilizers. Catalog cover. In this catalog download through the form, you will find

  • wholesale price list
  • shelf life
  • AGGRAND Natural Lawn Care Guide
  • Organic vs. Chemical Lawn Care
  • AGGRAND Crop Guide (includes turf and golf course, trees, shrubs, acre applications, pasture)
  • AGGRAND Garden Guide (includes fruit trees, berry bushes, flowers, herbs, residential applications)
  • application tips
  • tank tips
  • nozzle information


Some satisfied AGGRAND fertilizer users are lawn specialists and golf superintendents.

I actually have some clients that order for golf courses year-after-year, three in Canada too.

Read here on my website the experiences of AGGRAND natural fertilizer users……

Thank you for connecting.
Well, that covers many details, but like I said, I want to know more about your lawn service  company…. your clients…. the services you do now.  Landscaping? Golf course?  Challenges. Cost challenges and budget goals.  Growth.  Goals on services offered. Let me know.