LIME FOR LAWNS – Liquid Fertilizer for Grass

Liquid lime for lawns is a calcium soil conditioner, not a fertilizer.  Liming is the first application people think of when they see their grass in the spring.  Sure, but why?  Lime is very popular whether it does any good or not.  Fortunately though, most lawns need some extra calcium and the benefits that gains.
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The common belief is that lime is a grass fertilizer to green the lawn.  Remember the green spreader that grandpa pushed, dust everywhere?  That was a gamble, some grandpas ended up scratching their heads wondering why it didn’t work every year and why the lawn seemed less thick.  Fortunately, when you do need lime, there are better solutions than dusty or pelletized types of lime for lawns.

Lime for Lawns – Facts On Liquid Lime Fertilizer when used for Lawns


  • Lime used for lawns is a soil conditioner.
  • It does not treat or ‘green’ your grass if your grass really needs other nutrients.
  • If you are using a powder or pellets, then it is best applied in Autumn, whereas a highly soluble liquid lime for lawns can be immediately effective, even in Spring, especially in the Spring
  • Unless your soil pH is acidic (low) the lime is probably not what you need for a green, lush lawn this year.  Nutrients with some calcium included would be a better way to spend your money.
  • If you do need it for your lawn, then it does, indeed, come as a pure, natural liquid lime application that is truly affordable.  AGGRAND LIME FOR LAWNS

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Grass is best able to absorb nutrients in a slightly acidic soil, with a pH of 6.5 to 7.0. Neutral soil pH is 7.2.

You can do a soil analysis for a nominal fee.  Through the analysis, you may discover that your lawn soil pH is quite acidic, meaning lower than the 6.0 that a lawn must have to utilize nutrients.  If it is even lower than a 6.5 pH, then you do need lime for the lawn.  If your lawn soil pH is higher than 7.2, which definitely more alkaline and needs sulfur, it still also means that your lawn is missing nutrient absorption.  Sulfur, nitrogen and some calcium, yes, but you certainly don’t need lime.


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Visual signs you do need all natural lime for the lawn….

  • yellowish grass
  • growth of moss in the lawn
  • retarded growth of shoots and roots
  • dieback of growing tips
  • premature death of older leaves.

Why do you have lawn soil that is too acidic?

Woman crouching on summer lawn and shaking hands with a dog four times larger than she is.

  1. oak and beech leaves, plus pine needles are acidic
  2. urine of big and small dogs is acidic
  3. heavy rainfall is H2O, therefore, acidic
  4. over-liming your lawn creates acidic
  5. fertilizing with chemical products
  6. wood ash used for a mulch or organic substitution

The benefits of using liquid lime fertilizer as a soil amendment are clear cut…

  • it will furnish calcium, this nutrient being the reactor, or the boss, of all the rest being absorbed… especially phosphorus, zinc and copper,
  • just like decayed organic matter and compost, lime for lawns increases bacterial activity which creates favorable soil structure that is more porous.  Porous soil structure means there is air circulation and the soil will absorb and hold moisture and nutrients will be available to grass and plants.

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AGGRAND is the best choice, in our opinion.  Think about it.  If you need lime for the lawn, you have three types to use from six choices.  One is best. There is an active link, so you don’t need to guess.

There are three types of lime to use on lawns….

  1. Powder – dusty, caustic, difficult to apply.
  2. Pellets – must be irrigated, tend to ‘pool’ together, pricey, burn paws.
  3. Liquid – easy application, quick absorption, affordable, and ours provides readily soluble calcium for deficiencies.

….from six sources…..

  1. Calcitic – Natural, limestone bedrock deposits, crushed to one-inch stones, then ground to screening specifications.  Called aglime or ag lime.  Neutralizing value 85-100 percent. Supplies calcium. Powder moves slowly in soil, up to two years, proven by research.  The best choice but only when in suspension liquid and finely ground, as AGGRAND designs their Liquid Lime Fertilizer.
  2. Pelletized limeAg lime to which a cementing agent was added to form pellets.  More expensive.  Easier to spread than dusty liming materials.  Must be irrigated after application.  When tilled into soil, pockets form, not spread well.  This lime application moves very slowly in soil.
  3. DolomiticLimestones containing significant, equal amounts of magnesium  and calcium carbonate.  Mined similarly to calcitic lime.  Neutralizing value  85-109 percent. Provides magnesium when you may not need it.
  4. BurnedCalcium oxide, quicklime or unslaked lime.  Manufactured after milling by roasting crushed lime in a furnace to drive off carbon dioxide. Neutralizing highest of all at 150-175 percent.  Powdery and caustic.  Absorbs water very quickly.  Can only be applied to soil surface, must be incorporated immediately or flakes form and barely decompose. Undesirable, even unsafe for lawns.
  5. Hydrated – Builder’s lime, slaked lime.  Manufactured by adding water to burned lime. Neutralizing value 120-135 percent.  Caustic, powdery.  Should not be applied to established turf as it can burn.
  6. MarlMined from limestone deposits that are found below peat bogs.  Calcium carbonate material formed by shell deposits or produced in aquatic plants, along with clay and organic debris, therefore impure.  Neutralizing value only between 70-90 percent.

As you see, most of these are not appropriate for use on established lawns or around the family.  All but one is unsafe for family and pets because the lime burns skin, pet’s feet, not to mention leaves and grass roots. The best choice is the finely ground lime in liquid suspension, which when applied, is further watered down with water for application.


Telephone orders…..800-777-7094

Please if you call your order to AGGRAND customer service, they will ask for your account number.  I would appreciate that you tell them that I am your referral dealer – Diane Adams, ZO1755968.  Independent AGGRAND Direct Account Dealer

Lime takes up to two years to move through the soil structure, research has determined.  So the rest of the choices of lime for lawns give such slow benefits for grass they are ineffective for months and even a few years, if at all.  That is where the over-liming cycle comes into play.  If one app of lime for the lawn did not produce results, maybe more is needed…. and it burns.

Lime is so slow to absorb down through the soil structure, that if you are not using the liquid lime then it is best to mix the dry lime into the soil using a rototiller.  This is why the best time to apply a dry lime resource is when the soil is prepared for planting.  Not after grass has created a ‘lawn’ or some such likeness of a lawn.  That means you have to till in your unhappy grass.  Thus the rehabilitation programs of lawn care professionals become a best option.


AGGRAND Liquid Lime with readily absorbed calcium, coupled with one or all of their three organically-designed liquid fertilizers

  • may very well keep you out of the lawn rehabilitation process by the liquid lime fertilizer and 4-3-3 or kelp fertilizer naturally rebuilding the soil structure, increasing organic matter and soil aeration, and
  • provide immediate results with easily absorbed lime, thus efficient nutrient cycling.  The nutrient cycling was the problem in the first place.

The AGGRAND formula incorporates pure calcitic limestone, an improved formulation that boasts an average particle size 600 percent smaller than the previous formulation and nearly doubles the available calcium. Because calcium plays a critical role in overall plant nutrient uptake, it should be part of any long-term fertilization program. In fact, approximately 90 percent of the soil analyses received by AGGRAND need calcium.  And now, with lime in easy application, liquid suspension, highly absorbable calcium, it is beneficial to include in your fertilization program.

With applications of AGGRAND Liquid Fertilizers and All Natural Liquid Lime for lawns, you don’t have to worry if the soil is too wet.  And you certainly do need to worry with your other choice – the dry, caustic lime – because that can make it difficult to obtain an even distribution.  Pellet or powder, it pools on the surface or when tilled the dry lime gathers in tilled pockets.


2 1/2 gallon jug of AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime Fertilizer.

Highly absorbable liquid lime for lawns that is calcium deficient, acidic with a low pH soil.

Order online, now is good….

Telephone orders….. 800-777-7094

AGGRAND liquid lime fertilizer is not available at garden centers because you will very very seldom find a retail-on-the-shelf store in your area.  But you can order it now, either through a phone order to AGGRAND or at my AGGRAND storefront.  It will be delivered to your doorstep with what we consider to be a very fair shipping charge.

Speaking of money – see PCs save in right menu about paying the same price we do as certified dealers.

You know, we are always told that organics will cost more than chemical or the usual choices of anything.  Those are the ‘gourmet-priced’ organics then.

AGGRAND Liquid Lime does not cost more even though it is organically-designed, in fact, most find it more affordable, especially since it spreads more evenly and is more effective.


One of several advantages is that it can be applied to your lawn with a liquid sprayer or through your garden hose with the AGGRAND hose end sprayer.  Another advantage is there is no dusty mess.  Family, pets and wildlife will be safe from burns when on the lawn.

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Please if you call your order to AGGRAND customer service, they will ask for your account number.  I would appreciate that you tell them that I am your referral dealer – Diane Adams, ZO1755968.

Wishing you a green lawn, one way or another.

Diane Adams, Certified AGGRAND Liquid Lime and Liquid Natural Fertilizer Dealer