Fish fertilizer smell, bad as seaweed

AGGRAND liquid fish fertilizers have wintergreen oil added to improve the bad smell.

AGGRAND Organic Series 4-3-3, All Purpose 4-3-3, both with fish emulsion and kelp as the main ingredients, and their Liquid Kelp Fertilizer with Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 all contain natural wintergreen oil to improve the scent.  Much easier to work around without the fish fertilizer smell.  A neighbor pops in while you are fertilizing the flowers, got some on your dress, at least you are not as smelly as a fishboat.  Before the wintergreen oil, well….. there are other companies still selling that fish smell. Not AGGRAND

Fish fertilizer smell is about as bad as seaweed kelp concentrates.  After all, they are soaking up the same waters

The fish fertilizer small got to our granddaughter who was six when this picture was taken.

Before wintergreen oil.

Some brands still smell pretty awful.  AGGRAND is smelling interesting and minty, definitely not horrible.  The fertilizers, the AGGRAND liquid fish emulsion 4-3-3 used to smell really awful which is probably where they got the idea to include wintergreen oil.  Really, imagine fish pulverized into fertilizer.  I am glad AGGRAND fixed the smell. 

This is a granddaughter story that always makes me grin… The first year we used AGGRAND long long ago, our four-year-old granddaughter was helping me water and fertilize with the AGGRAND 4-3-3.  She had her own little watering can, still does.  The 4-3-3 fertilizer uses fish emulsion and seaweed kelp concentrate from the North Atlantic Ocean.  That smelly seaweed coupled with the organic nitrogen from the oceangoing menhaden fish – menhaden’s Native American name actually meaning ‘that which manures’ – it was really stinking up the garden.

“What is that smell?” she asked.

Since she had a Nemo thing going on and was kind of a vegetarian for awhile, I didn’t want to tell her that the fertilizer was squished up fishies.

So I told her it was fish fertilizer poop.  She asked why fish poop was in our fertilizer jug.

“They give us their poop so we can use the vitamins in it to feed the plants, just like you are doing.”

She kept watering one more minute then handed the watering can back to me without apology.  “Ugh! It smells disgusting!”

The up side is that the Organic Series 4-3-3, Liquid Fish Emulsion 4-3-3 and Liquid Kelp Fertilizer with Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 is now scented with natural wintergreen oil to improve the scent.

Fish fertilizer. AGGRAND 4-3-3 with natural nitrogen. Organic version too, Organic Series 4-3-3.

Our sunshine, Chloe, the day she helped me feed my garden with the Liquid Kelp. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pink goggles and a grin.

If you have comments about fish fertilizer smells and maybe you agree the seaweed kelp fertilizers smell about as bad, please email with your information.