If you are not ordering a drum or tote*

then add items to your cart at AGGRAND FERTILIZER STOREFRONT.

Your order will be UPS drop shipped to your home, business or farm. UPS is a SAFEWAY CARRIER and AGGRAND operates a SAFEWAY shipping fleet for too.


fertilizer bulk organic liquid - shipping UPS or freight carrier

Most AGGRAND customers order online. Then their order is drop-shipped from the nearest of many North American warehouses. Organic and all natural fertilizer from a made in the USA company.

All customers using our referral # zo1755968 can order by telephone too at


Weekdays.  Central Time.

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*If you are ordering a drum or totes, please contact here to get processed for commercial pricing and the best benefit on your price. I will appreciate the request. Thank you.  Drums and totes are shipped freight carrier from the nearest warehouse. Some will not be in stock, but do not take long at all. Your freight is still only from the closest distribution center once the fertilizer drum or tote arrives from Superior, Wisconsin. *

For quarts and jugs, we have never waited more than two days for our orders. When the product is at the warehouse closest to us, the shipping is seamless. Same with freight.

Diane E Adams, Independent Direct Account Dealer
AGGRAND Fertilizer Shipping Information
ID# 1755968zo

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