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FERTILIZER RESULTS FOR ORGANIC and NATURAL LIQUID FERTILIZERS.  These are various  AGGRAND Reviews and Results on Gardens, Lawn, Golf Course, Farm and Agricultural, Pasture, Wildlife Management.  Liquid fertilizers used are AGGRAND All Natural, Organic Series, Kelp with Potash, Liquid Lime and Liquid Bonemeal.  In short, some of the remarks are…. “The color and density of the turf has been excellent…”    “The AGGRAND-fertilized corn grew taller even though it was fertilized four weeks late.”    “The ornamentals and flowers underwent a substantial transformation…”   “I entered a Jumbo Tomato Contest at the 1992 Iowa State Fair.  (Aggrand fertilizer results) for the tomato weighed in excess of 2.75 pounds and won first place…”   “They’d save about $10 an acre spraying with the AGGRAND.  I told them, ‘that’s AGGRAND dude, I’m tellin’ ya.”    “The weevils are not getting my crops. Something in the AGGRAND makes the alfalfa sweet, and the weevil will not eat anything sweet….”   ” …said he knew he would never go back to chemical fertilizers after using AGGRAND agricultural fertilizers.”   “My customers that have used (this) on their wildlife food plots have seen the AGGRAND fertilizer results and benefits first-hand.  Their clover and alfalfa didn’t go dormant in summer during drought.  It stayed green….”

Fertilizer Results — So from golf courses to wildlife food plots, from orchid enthusiast, master gardeners and farmers, we have fertilizer results to share.

Sunflower Hills Golf Course, Kansas City, KS  –  AGGRAND natural fertilizer results in the summer of 2009 brought greener greens to Sunflower Hills golf course near Kansas City, Kansas.  Frank Barthol, golf course superintendent, supplemented the usual fertilization program with AGGRAND 4-3-3 on the greens. He used five quarts of AGGRAND an acre about every two weeks. Photo of 17th hole after Aggrand fertilizers at golf course. “We are very pleased with the results we have seen,” Barthol said.  “The color and density of the turf has been excellent this season. I will definitely recommend this product as a supplement to our program next year.”  Direct Jobber Tom Gorby said “they definitely saw improvements with AGGRAND that they wouldn’t have seen with only chemical fertilizers.  It was a very wet year.”  Barthol anticipated problems with dollar spot fungus, 4 -to -6-inch straw-colored patches that appear as circular, blotchy areas and can combine to form large patches in a severe infestation.  He had purchased a barrel of fungicide for $500 but he never had to use it.  Managers at the golf course also plan to use AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash (0-0-8) after discovering it is $200 less expensive than the chemical fertilizers. 

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Robert Distel, Golf Course Superintendent  “After using AGGRAND natural liquid fertilizer for only a short time, perhaps two applications, it was apparent the ornamentals and flowers underwent a substantial transformation.  The plants universally were far more vigorous and had developed a large number of buds and blossoms.”

The corn rows at center are one-third higher than those on outside rows.Tom Joyner, Glade Park, Colorado  –  Joyner planted with AGGRAND 4-3-3, a natural liquid fertilizer, on the center four rows and granular chemical fertilizer on the outside rows of a test corn patch on his three acres.  The AGGRAND-fertilized corn grew taller even though it was fertilized four weeks later than the outer rows of corn.  This is idealized ‘corn country’ but even these results were stunning for everyone.


AGGRAND liquid fertilizer results – HAY RESULTS from John Gore, a farmer in Bedford, Indiana

CORN FERTILIZER RESULTS  –  Another farmer, Steve Redelman, Decatur, Indiana

The cover for brochure 'AGGRAND Testimonials' with AGGRAND fertilizer results in it. Has images of all AGGRAND liquid fertilizers, the organic seaweed, but not the Organic Series 4-3-3. Red tractor, harvester in alfalfa field.


We love to hear organic fertilizer results, reviews and testimonials about gardeners and farmers saving money by using natural fertilizers. AGGRAND is a liquid fertilizer, both organic certified and another product that is organic naturally with USDA biobased certification. There is organic kelp seaweed with sulfate of potash.

Also the AGGRAND offers both liquid lime and liquid bonemeal. And a liquid wildlife food plot fertilizer. Designed from sustainable sources that provide the crops with what they need to bring out their best. Nutrition for the finest taste, the amazing benefits of a strong system. And you can choose wholesale fertilizer prices.

Quarts, jugs and bulk fertilizer in drums or totes.


Another brochure with fertilizer results is THE CABBAGE FERTILITY EXPERIMENT

Vanessa and Nathan Davis, Duck River, Tennessee  –   Nathan and Vanessa Davis are pursuing their dream of a simpler life.  Their dream is now named…  Totty’s Bend Farm and Dairy. Together they raise Nubian goats to sell their milk and cheese. They also grow and sell organic garden vegetables and heirloom tomatoes. They start inside with certified organic seeds and transplant outdoors when the plants are ready.  This is their results story……
“Our plants germinate very quickly, and they’re very green,” Vanessa Davis said. “We’re getting a lot of produce.”  Their two-year-old, 80 square-foot garden is fertilized with AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizer and Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash (0-0-8).  The 2010 growing season started out great, but in May they were hit with a flood “followed by a drought,” she said.  “We’ve used AGGRAND both years. I was just amazed at how much produce we got out of the garden the first year. This year wasn’t as good as the first year, but it was still good.”
During the season, a foliar feeding was done with two tablespoons of AGGRAND 4-3-3 mixed with a gallon of water.  Neighbors comment on how well the garden does, and Davis has been known to give them AGGRAND to try.  One neighbor used it on okra plants. “Typically they’re 2-or-3 feet tall,” Davis said. “These were 11 feet tall. It was incredible. I could not believe how tall they got. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Dr. Robert Pratt, Organic Chemist  –  The diseased avocado tree demonstrated outstanding response to the AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer.  New and vibrant growth appeared on the interior of the tree.  The interior branches showed vigor and took on a healthy appearance, and small blossoms began to develop.  AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer overcame the effects of preexisting root fungus and caused the tree to uptake and utilize the fertilizer’s nutrient complex.  I now use AGGRAND continually and the tree has almost regained its former vigor and stature.

Bob Davenport, Master Gardener  –  Back in 1992, his main uses of AGGRAND fertilizers were in following label instructions and using AGGRAND as the only fertilizer during the full growing season.  Four plant benefits from that season were, in his words…. “A peach tree that in April looked like it would not be alive at the end of the growing season. The tree is not only alive at the present time, but it bore a small crop of peaches…. My watermelons have been great with good yield and have had good taste….  I have had an exceptional yield of tomatoes with good taste and entered a tomato in the Jumbo Tomato Contest at the 1992 Iowa State Fair. The tomato weighed in excess of 2.75 pounds and won first place….. A small strawberry patch that came through the winter in poor condition. These are day-neutral berries that bear continuously throughout the growing season. They not only survived but have produced excellent berries of good size throughout the season. I have been raising these varieties of day-neutrals for several years, and this has been the best year for them that I have had.”

GARDENING AGGRAND LIQUID FERTILIZER REVIEWS – Organic soybeans, tomatoes, pumpkins

Dan Shisko, Whitby, Ontario, Canada  –  Producer of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – Organic Produce – Hydroponic Produce – Farm Produce.  He wrote to AGGRAND to record the following….

“Using the recommended amount of fertilizer….. the results are 30 to 40% more tomatoes on each vine.  I am presently harvesting my ten acres of tomatoes with profound results.  The tomatoes are much larger than in prior years using granular fertilizer.  Also in other years, tomatoes were under much stress with blossom rot, root stress and cracking.   This year I have had no rot and only 2% cracking.  Also I sprayed approximately 5 acres of pumpkins also with two applications…. this resulted in a very good crop of pumpkins.   I sprayed a small section of my soybeans only once.  I was surprised to see the sprayed section was six inches taller and produced approximately five more beans per stalk.  I strongly believe in your AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer and believe this product will increase the number of farms that will grow their fruits and/or vegetables organically in the coming years.  Not only is your product safe for the public, but also for the environment.”

Dr. Jim Chan, Martinez, California  –  Dr. Chan is a master gardener and holds a doctoral degree in chemistry.  His career fields a wide scope including research in pesticide chemistry, lubricant chemistry and as a tribologist.  No wonder his attraction to AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and AGGRAND organic fertilizers.  Dr. Chan is an orchid enthusiast with a 40×40 foot greenhouse to practice his hobby.  As a retired industrial Two orchids grown by Dr. Chan with the AGGRAND fertilizers, one crimson, one lavendar with delicate yellow hoods.chemist, he chose to use AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizer 4-3-3 on his orchids and this is his expert review.  “I have been interested in raising orchids since I was a boy growing up in Singapore,” Chan said.  He now raises several varieties of orchids, many growing outdoors too.  “I am also involved in hybridizing orchids, mainly cattleya orchids,” he said.  Chan also grows approximately 100 fruit trees, including persimmon, pear, apples, plums and others.  “I had been using chemical fertilizers because this was the recommended, and only, way to fertilize orchid plants,” Chan said.  “Not many orchid growers use fish emulsion fertilizers, and there is a concern that fish emulsion promotes bacterial and fungal infestations. But using AGGRAND 4-3-3 along with an antifungal apparently eliminated possible bacterial and fungal infestations,” Chan said.  “AGGRAND’s 4-3-3 fish emulsion interested me greatly.   It is formulated with kelp, which would add an excellent ‘wetter-sticker,’ or surfactant-like, property to the product,” he said.  Even when repotting a few orchids that were not likely to do well, Chan noticed during the following days and weeks after repotting and fertilizing with AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer the newly repotted plants did very well and put out new leaves as large as the original leaves. “This is quite surprising as the plants showed no shock or stress from repotting.”


Toby Marcovich, Superior, Wisconsin  –   Attorney Toby Marcovich fertilized half of his garden with AGGRAND Natural fertilizer and the other half with his regular commercial fertilizer.  He said this.

“The results were absolutely amazing.  Green pepper plants which usually would bear three or four peppers per plant were producing as many as eight and nine peppers per plant and had increased the size of the fruit by at least one-third.  The tomato plants which normally would grow to a height of three to four feet were up over six feet.  Tomatoes had bushed out double their normal size, and then they produced at least twice as many tomatoes as the non-AGGRAND fertilized plants with large and better fruit on top of it!”


OTHER FARM FERTILIZER RESULTS – HAY, SOYBEANS, ALFALFA, CLOVER from  Jeff and Lynn Tuttle, Spiro, OK:::: Farmers on an abandoned hog farm in Oklahoma used AGGRAND 4-3-3 and AGGRAND Liquid Lime to bring up the pH balance of the soil on the old hog farm where chemical fertilizer results and even chicken manure had been key to stripping nutrients.  “AGGRAND organic fertilizer is a long term investment in your crops and hay fields, “said Tuttle. “It’s easy to apply, will not burn grass or pollute ground water.  It promotes root growth by revitalizing the soil and will increase production and drought resistance.”

SOYBEANS AND LIQUID NATURAL FERTILIZER RESULTS from Allen Lawrence, Centreville, VA:::     “And the soybeans just popped up,” Lawrence said. “I’ll be, they came up. If I had used conventional fertilizer, I would have ended up plowing it under. I would have gotten nothing.  AGGRAND is actually cheaper. They’d save about $10 an acre spraying with the AGGRAND.  I told them, ‘that’s AGGRAND dude, I’m tellin’ ya.”’

Ohio farmer of 80-acre organic cattle farm harvesting alfalfa with red tractor in mid-summer. The All Natural 4-3-3 Fertilizer results shown in higher alfalfa even with five unheard of cuttings in that year.


Edward Myers, Manfield, Ohio:::: “It’s probably the best stand of alfalfa I’ve ever had.” His neighbors told him he’d have weevils if he didn’t use insecticide. “My alfalfa has no holes in the leaves,” Myers said. “The weevils are not getting my crops. Something in the AGGRAND makes the alfalfa sweet, and the weevil will not eat anything sweet.”

Zuber Farms, Sublimity, OR  –  Their first cop of oats was hard coming by but it was more heads than stem and gave them more oats than they ever get, seedwise and weight.  Steve Zuber said he knew he would never go back to chemical fertilizers after using AGGRAND agricultural fertilizers.

2010 Vegetable Productivity Study with Fertilizer Results – NATURAL AGGRAND vs inorganic fertilizer.

2011 Vegetable Productivity Study with Fertilizer Results – NATURAL AGGRAND vs leading organic fish emulsion fertilizer.

Our sites banner for all the AGGRAND liquid fertilizers: Reads AGGRAND STOREFRONT - MADE IN USA. Shows 2 1/2 gallon jugs of Liquid Lime, Liquid Seaweed Kelp, Liquid Bonemeal, Organic Series 4-3-3 and ALL Natural USDA Biobased 4-3-3. Plus a white jug of Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer. Reads "Retail welcome, or preferred customer membership with up to 25% discounts. Seldom sold in stores. Click for online store for prices and information.Gardeners, if the AGGRAND fertilizer results are this remarkable on the farm crops, then you can trust you will have the vegetable crop  results you hope for when you use these liquid fertilizers.

You can choose Organic Series, but the All Natural 4-3-3 is essentially the same, being USDA Biobased label and from same ingredients though bloodmeal is included in the ALL Natural but not the Organic Series 4-3-3.

Also there is the Organic Liquid Kelp Fertilizer with Sulfate of Potash.  Liquid Lime.  Liquid Bonemeal.  More fertilizer results coming and more pages will be added with specific categories.

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Tom Edwards, Livonia, Michigan  –  Tom Edwards is the world’s largest independent distributor of wildlife food plot products.  He had the opportunity to sell any fertilizer, but AGGRAND was the only one he decided to personally carry and it has revolutionized his business. There were too many downsides to using the chemical fertilizers and ag lime.  Like needing rain to make the ag lime work and it taking more than a year to be effective.  Besides all the difficulty and impaction from getting trucks full of ag lime into remote areas.   Edwards found the AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime is much easier, just as effective and begins working immediately.  NATURAL LIQUID FERTILIZER RESULTS & REVIEW: 

“What really caught my attention about AGGRAND was the all-natural, organic aspects.  It’s much less invasive to the local terrain.  So I started educating myself on AGGRAND because it’s all-natural. Edwards said that everyone he knew who used AGGRAND had phenomenal results.   My customers that have used Aggrand fertilizer on their food plots have seen the benefits first-hand.  Their clover and alfalfa didn’t go dormant in summer during drought.  It stayed green….. If your plot is green and luscious, you’re going to bring the animals in.   “Ninety-nine percent of growing is soil preparation.  Aggrand Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 and Liquid Lime are perfect for this. Aggrand also promotes worm growth.  Worms produce hundreds of pounds of waste per acre in a year and that fertilizes the soil even further and allows your crop to yield longer even during a more stressful season…..  You can make your land a self-sustaining system. You’re only going to get out of the soil what you put in.  So the more you do for your land, the more it will produce for you.   AGGRAND gives you more bang for your buck and no harmful run-off.”

Dealer Jake Gembe, Dover, Pennsylvania  –  Gembe tells of his step-father after he convinced him to try AGGRAND fertilizers.  Results were enough to convert a die-hard commercial fertilizer user,” Gembe said. “I used AGGRAND myself for the flowerbed and loved the outcome. As a result, I told my step-father about AGGRAND fertilizer and he agreed to use it.”  Harvest time came and went. “He told me later that year that he planted three zucchini plants and was amazed by the plant growth.  He said that off the three plants, he took 75 zucchinis.  Now he is a firm believer in AGGRAND.”

Gerry Reid, Washington D.C. area, USA  –  Gerry Reid got involved with AGGRAND…. and was impressed from the start.  “Natural fertilizer is going to replace chemical fertilizer,” said Reid. “It’s the only route we can go for a better environment.”  Reid worked with a Washington, D.C. gardener who conducted an experiment with three tomato plants. One received no fertilizer, one got Miracle Grow and one was given AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer.  The plant that received no fertilizer was 3 feet tall.  The plant that got Miracle Grow was a little taller.  The plant that received AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer was over 4 feet tall.  The plant was full of leaves and fruit production was greatly increased.  “I’ve used it on all my lawns,” said Reid . “The soil here is like concrete in summer.  By the middle of summer, we used to have no lawn, only weeds. Thanks to AGGRAND, we have a really healthy lawn and grass grows when it never used to.”  A contractor landscaping the medians on highways called Reid to try some AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer.  Even after several days of heavy rains, the AGGRAND produced results the contractor had never seen before.  He called Reid again to order AGGRAND Liquid Lime and reported that the grass in the median came in sooner than expected and looked amazing.  He said he couldn’t believe his eyes.”

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AGGRAND Liquid Fertilizers come as all natural or certified organic.  This page on fertilizer results is the first, the next is Farm Fertilizer Results for organic fertilizer reviews and liquid fertilizer results.