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I prepare detailed natural fertilizer quotes for farms, ranches and orchards in the United States and Canada. The OMRI-listed and all natural liquid fertilizer and soil supplements are produced by AGGRAND (pronounced ag – grand). The quotes are based on per application or season and they will focus on your budget and challenges.  I like to give three budget choices in the end. Progress is always preferred over continued chemical fertilization programs that require more and more cost to maintain the land and promote better harvests.  Our fertilizers create progression in viable and sustainable soil.

Image is top of the fertilizer quote table I designed. Sending these to farmsa nd orchards, any one that wants a quote on all natural or certified organic liquid fertilizer.

Request a fertilizer quote for crops. Sent via pdf, this is page one.


Fertilizer Quote

It is this simple. Use the form on this page to contact me by email.  Or send an email directly.  I seldom place my email online but I will now.  We all like simple ways, right.

adams@liquidfertilizerorganic.com  My mobile office number is on the contact me page. 

When you write, give me

  1. details for your crops
  2. acreage or each you need a quote on
  3. challenges
  4. the state you live in so I know growing seasons
  5. soil conditions
  6. what you have been using to fertilize, comport or supplements added, etc. 
  7. do you use cover crops
  8. irrigation used during season
  9. water available for applications
  10. tank size
  11. your latest soil analysis can be sent via jpeg, png, doc or pdf, or type into your message. The soil analysis is a great help. Especially if we also consult the CCA at AGGRAND. If you do not have a present analysis, then send what is from the last three years, if that.
  12. name and email
  13. also phone number with best time to call, only if you prefer a call. Otherwise I will use email for discussion.

All natural fertilizer quote for crops

The quotes have been for pastures, wheat, small grains, cover crops and field crops. Hay, straw, alfalfa. Corn, soybeans, tomatoes, potatoes, cotton, pumpkins, sorghum. Orchard and vineyards, strawberries and blueberries. I also set up programs for professional lawn services to offer clients, athletic fields and park or highway departments.  Whatever you throw at me, I will produce a detailed fertilizer quote for you to consider. And I will work within your season budget if you give details.  And I am sure to plan with intent to gain all the benefits you can accumulate through our commercial account program.  If you will be a PC account, budget is still considered. Choices offered.


AGGRAND is produced through a specialist who is our Certified Crop Advisor too.  This is the natural fertilizer division of AMSOIL corporation – you know, the synthetic lubricants for vehicles and equipment.  All corps like this form fertilizer divisions it seem, and AMSOIL chose to produce all natural and certified organic fertilizers, following their environmental path.

Anyway, our CCA is Walt and we will consult him on the final decisions if need be.  I do not hesitate to ask questions of our CCA before quotes on crops. But usually we have been in agreement in the end.

The soil analysis is what our CCA likes to see.  He loves soil analysis chemistry. He thrives on it. So if you have anything from the last three years, send those to me.


If you want to run some current field soil analysis, that is the link to order through AGGRAND and send to Midwest Labs.  The labs get back to our CCA and to me so I can complete your quote.  So include my ID # and name on the form too.  Diane Adams zo1755968 and Walt will know to send everything my way too.  Thank you.

Well, I look forward to hearing from you. I enjoy doing the fertilizer quotes very much, always with my eye on your budget and progress in a more sustainable and viable cropping system.

Here are some fertilizer results. Some are based on soil analysis first.  Some reveal their exact application formula.  And see FARM FERTILIZER RESULTS HERE on my website too.



Texas American Quarter Horse Association cutting horse champion increased production of Coastal Hay by two fold. Using a foliar application rate of one gallon of AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizer 4-3-3 per acre in early spring and then supplementing the hay between cuttings with one gallon of natural fertilizer, one-third gallon of Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash and one-half gallon of Natural Liquid Bonemeal per acre produced double the amount of bales this season. “Considering that the hay and pasture grown in this area of the country are grown on non-irrigated ground, dependent on rain for irrigation and we had a drought year to boot, AGGRAND products performed very well,” the ranch owner said.

Robert Benson saves 60 percent using AGGRAND over chemical fertilizer 19-19-19. “I actually get that much more hay from each pasture with AGGRAND,” he said. “AGGRAND can save you as much as $10 per acre and it will not burn vegetation. Why would I still be using it after more than 10 years if it didn’t work?”

Rick Harris raises sunflowers on 500 acres. He applied one gallon per acre of Natural Liquid Fertilizer 4-3-3. “We could tell the difference the day after we applied the fertilizer,” Harris said. Sunflowers typically contain about 38 percent oil. The higher the oil content, the more valuable the crop. “Our sunflowers had an oil content of 45 percent.”  He bought 10 totes of AGGRAND 4-3-3 and applied it to the 4,000 acres he farms that includes several different commercial crops. (Note: no soil analysis used, just belief after living proof of the proven results.)

Zuber Farms raise beef cattle and grow their own hay and oats to feed the herd. “I’ve been using AMSOIL products for years,” Zuber said. “I knew AMSOIL didn’t make stuff that didn’t work.” The hay fields received one application of AGGRAND 4-3-3 at the same mix ratio of 1.5 gallons in 33 gallons of water. Although conditions were less than perfect because the fields were new and the season was dry, production was better than he expected, Zuber said. “The hay crop did pretty darn well,” he said. “It was very close to normal. We were down only a few bales. The hay was beautiful. It grew well without a lot of course stems. The lack of rain is what caused us to get fewer bales. We did real well, and I attribute that to the fertilizers. We’ll never go back to chemical fertilizer.”

7,500 acre K-M Ranch. “Using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer and Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash, the cost was lowered to about $33 per acre and lowered our cost by $6 an acre over the time-released liquid nitrogen product used last year. The biggest increase we saw was in 70 acres of mixed alfalfa. The yield went from 70 tons last year to 142 tons this year.”

Roy Cusack “Not only does AGGRAND produce more hay, which is worth a lot of money to me, but it also increases the root development of my grass, improves the nutritional value of this crop, helps to resist the drought that was an issue this year, and builds up the soil quality by increasing the microbial activity and more earthworms in the soil.”

And to show you do not always need a gallon or two an acre – read this one……….

Mark Reed saved around $26,000 using AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers. Reed had always used chemical fertilizers at a cost of about $30,000 on 773 acres of hard, red winter wheat, commonly used for bread flours. He only spent $4,000 on AGGRAND fertilizers his first year using it as agricultural fertilizer. “That’s a cost of only $5 an acre,” Reed said. “It’s a huge savings.” He started planting his wheat on September 15, finishing in late October or early November. The planted rows were side-dressed, or banded, with AGGRAND 4-3-3 Natural Liquid Fertilizer and AGGRAND 0-12-0 Natural Liquid Bonemeal. Reed mixed 40 gallons of AGGRAND to 1,000 gallons of water and applied the mixture at five gallons per acre. “In the beginning of the season the wheat looked just as good as everyone else” Reed said. Then he noticed the plants were healthier and the root system was better. Reed, who also grows millet used for bird feed, started experimenting with AGGRAND fertilizers last fall. “I sprayed the edge of one field with AGGRAND and it’s taller, thicker and really dark green,” he said. His straw fields are thicker and heavier than ever before.

John Gore bales and sells hay to local farmers, at one time producing 400 to 500 bales in a season with chemical fertilizers. But with AGGRAND he doubled his harvest to 900 bales and overall increased his income by $3000. He used the AGGRAND 4-3-3 for these fertilizer results.

McCorry Farm is a 350-acre family farm. They sell hay to a local dairy for its herd. “Last year on the fourth cutting I got 1,600 bails,” said John McCorry Sr. “This year’s fourth cutting on the same field produced 2,000 bails. Using chemical fertilizers I would see a drop off in production by this time. And this is the best I’ve seen off this field and this is the fifth cutting on the fifth year.”

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If you are ordering drums or totes, contact me to process your commercial account. If you are ordering jugs to test field corners, use the PC account to get wholesale in the meantime. For your quote, see the list in blue at the top of page. Send me an email with your details. Thanks.

Diane Adams, Independent AGGRAND Direct Account Distributor ZO1755968

Serving customers across North America, shipping to your doorstep. Send an email to get a fertilizer quote for your farm, ranch or orchard. If you have the soil analysis from the last three years, please incude that information.