Fertilizer Prices – Download List for Agricultural Cost

We sell the same natural fertilizers in a jug or bulk. Garden or farm. Organic or natural fertilizer prices can be the same for all accounts.  Use the cost-saving membership and pay wholesale.  Commercial accounts ordering drums and totes bulk, contact me for processing and deeper discounts, also to manage freight carrier benefits when qualified.

Wholesale fertilizer prices on the download PDF list for our natural and organic fertilizers are available through an email request. Or use the form and receive an autoresponder with the download links.  The catalog does not include fertilizer prices due to contract with corporate, but there is a price list and prices are on the AGGRAND fertilizer shop. Just be sure to get your best savings.

Fertilizer prices through different account types.

One of these accounts types will provide the perfect savings for your family or business.Natural and organic fertilizer prices. Wholesale bulk. Price savings for lawn and gardens too. Quests, jugs, buckets, drums, totes. Liquid fish emulsion, liquid kelp, liquid bonemeal and liquid lime prices. Banner AGGRAND.

  1. PC membership – you pay the same as dealers pay, or wholesale for fertilizers. A low fee for high savings, about 23% off on average. Must have for ordering more than once a year or more than four quarts on the first order. Yes, you pay UPS shipping but still, savings can be made. Your best deal is PC membership. $10 for USA trial. $15 Canada trial membership.
  2. Retail price orders, where you pay retail but do not pay your shipping. $8.50 shipping on orders under $100.  No shipping on order over $100.  If ordering more than once a year or more than four quarts of fertilizer, you usually save on the PC membership to get wholesale fertilizer prices.
  3. Dealer registration is only $10 more than PC membership. Sell with your unique vision, specialize.  If you are interested, contact me via email and we will talk about how you earn money for your family and save on fertilizer prices for farms, market growers, orchards and other families.
  4. Commercial accounts get wholesale prices and cumulative discounts. There are also freight benefits on high volume orders. If you will order drums or totes, I prefer to process your account as commercial.  So send an email or use the form. I will send the questionnaire.
  5. ROTS – retail stores wanting to sell AGGRAND all natural or organic fertilizers at retail cost. There is a super program for your account. Contact me for details and the questionnaire to get your store processed.



Bulk fertilizers for agriculture and commercial. Email for a current price list. Or use the form button.


Freight and shipping benefits are crucial for your fertilizer prices too. Commercial and ROTS accounts.

  • COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS – High volume commercial orders over $5500. wholesale before discounts, all on one order…. the benefits are half your freight paid, besides discounts on the wholesale prices.  On double that volume on a single order and before the discounts are given…. the full freight is paid.
  • ROTS – For your store shelves or ship to your customers.  Retail accounts can order from quarts to drum and totes for your customers, even delivered to their door or barn.  You choose their fertilizer prices.  And for shipping UPS or freight carrier, you only pay $10.50 if the order is under $300.  And no shipping or freight if the order is over $300.  (Canada is $400 and $11.99 for ROTS.)  If you own a retail store, you can offer wholesale bulk fertilizer to your large volume commercial, farm, orchard and ground management clients. Again, fertilizer orders are delivered to their door or yours. An exception are a few outlying area that require interline freight.

Proven performance. Our liquid bulk fertilizers are safe and highly effective alternatives to chemical fertilizers.

All natural and organic fertilizer choices for today’s environmentally- and price-conscious consumers.

AGGRAND offers a safe and cost-effective line of natural liquid fertilizers. Some are certified organic with OMRI ingredients. The fertilizers are convenient and free of harmful chemicals, making AGGRAND the ideal choice for farmers, commercial growers, lawn care and turf professionals seeking natural products with proven performance.

FARM FERTILIZER RESULTS – a page on this website giving the experience of real people who used AGGRAND fertilizers on their farm, had great results and are still using the products.  Most of them talk about the savings benefits of AGGRAND fertilizers.

Using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers gives multiple benefits for financial savings now and longterm.

  • Potential cost savings per acre compared with chemical fertilizers
  • Feeds the natural soil biology to improve soil conditions and nutrient availability
  • Natural and organic formulations reduce environmental and safety concerns associated with conventional fertilizer
  • Will not harm your water resources
  • Safe for horses, cattle, dairy herds, small stock
  • Safe for patrons of golf courses, parks, preserves, schools
  • Higher yields and overall profit experienced
  • Longterm improvement of the land
  • Season-to-season improvement in the crops
  • Resistance to drought, frost, disease, pests from healthier crops
  • Saves you money over the long run and usually the first season, depending on the condition of the soil


Fertilize organically with AGGRAND and save money longterm too.

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers – Safe, proven effective alternative to high-analysis chemical fertilizers.

Growers are recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility as they tend to their field crops, orchards, turfs, parks and preserves. AGGRAND natural fertilizers offer the perfect solution – natural-based products that deliver outstanding results and will more often than not minimize the budget.




Diane E Adams, Independent Direct Account Dealer