Fertilizer made in USA

A lot of searches go out for “natural fertilizer made in USA” – “American made fertilizer” – “USA organic fertilizer” too.  I know we like to hold it close when purchasing products. North American made fertilizers are quite preferred. Organic standards in the USA and Canada are ‘different’ than those from many imported fertilizers and natural foods.

AGGRAND COLLECTION fertilizer made in USA. Catalog for fertilizer.

Organic and natural fertilizers made in the USA

One of the reasons we started using AGGRAND natural fertilizers is because it is made in the USA. Located in northern Wisconsin, where Canadian and American employees are in the corporate offices.  And dealers from all over North America are supporting their families by selling this USA made fertilizer too. And distribution warehouses and drivers of the fleet trucks in USA and Canada.

The rest of the story, I will hand over to the AMSOIL founders to speak for themselves on their choices for nearly half a century.

On the corporate information page, see the dots for right menu? The ninth dot down (9th) for an instant scroll. Or read all of the AMSOIL INNOVATION story on ‘AMSOIL Made in the USA’ and reasons behind their values. This goes to the AMSOIL website, but that is the company for the AGGRAND natural fertilizer division.  By the way, with the membership, a customer also gets to pay wholesale for AMSOIL vehicle and farm equipment maintenance products and lubricants.


Natural fertilizer made in USA. AGGRAND liquid fertilizers and liquid lime and liquid bonemeal. American made.

Formulated, blended and packaged in the United States. Then shipped across the USA and Canada on their SmartWay truck fleets. Held in distribution centers for UPS and freight carrier. Bound to environmental causes by a conscious corporation that only produces one dumper of waste every six weeks by its 400,000 square foot facility.

Natural fertilizers made in USA is AGGRAND by AMSOIL. Organic fertilizers too. Flags here.

AMERICAN and AMSOIL flags fly in Superior, Wisconsin where thousands of USA and Canadian employees make AMSOIL synthetic oils and filters and the AGGRAND natural fertilizer products possible.

All natural fertilizers made in USA. Liquid lime, bonemeal, kelp, fish fertilizers.

And here is where to purchase the natural fertilizers made in America, in case that is what you wanted. Most of our customers buy online and use the PC membership for wholesale prices, paying what we pay as dealers.

Order by telephone. Please give our referral identification for your order. And get the membership so you pay wholesale instead of retail.



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