Food Plot Fertilizer for Wildlife

Want a boost to your food plot is that easy to apply, that you can get back into tight spaces?  AGGRAND food plot fertilizer for wildlife is an all natural Formula.  Offers a natural base and organic substance for the health of wildlife, and their land and water sources. Natural food for the soil, the food plot and the wildlife. 

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Food Plot Fertilizer – Wildlife Plots Too Often Overlooked With Disappointing Results

When deer, turkey, pheasant and other wildlife are offered a food plot source that provides greater protein levels, they favor that food source over others.   That is the power of attraction you are looking for, whether you are a wildlife viewer, photographer or hunter.


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Besides proper wildlife food plot seed selection, you want effective soil preparation  and a food plot fertilizer that will greatly increase the protein levels over natural forage.

AGGRAND offers the effective delivery you need for better wildlife food plot management.  Fine particle size and liquid application ensure rapid penetration to plants’ root zones, ensuring that crops get the nutrients they need for optimum growth.  AGGRAND Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer is effective for use in both soil and foliar feed applications.


Photo of Milton Dailey, black western hat, buckskin vest, white shirt, ranch in background.

Milton Dailey, Ranch & Resort Television

“Now we have a FOOD PLOT Fertilizer for the outdoorsman that not only helps provide all of us with a healthier, happier planet, it works… Let’s all do our part and GO GREEN.”    —Milton Dailey, Ranch & Resort Television


Manufactured from the finest ingredients available.  All natural fertilizer for food plots includes…..

whole menhaden fish emulsion concentrate, including fish oils — bloodmeal — Norwegian seaweed kelp concentrate — sulfate of potash — and other essential ingredients for outstanding, all-purpose fertilizer.


REVIEW — Impresses world’s largest distributor of wildlife food plot fertilizers, resources, seeds and implements.

Tom Edwards, Michigan  –  The world’s largest independent distributor of wildlife food plot products.  “I had the opportunity to sell any fertilizer, but AGGRAND is the only one I decided to personally carry.”  In fact, he said that AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizer … (AGGRAND Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer was developed just after this report, so the fertilizer choices have spread for food plots, though the wildlife formula is essentially the same.)  …. revolutionized his business.  “At first, we used the commercial chemical fertilizers and agricultural lime that was available in the area,” said Edwards. But right from the start it was obvious to him that there were downsides to using chemical fertilizers and ag lime.  “Using ag lime really limited us because you need rain to make it work and it takes a year to do its job. It’s also way too much work to get trucks full of ag lime into remote areas, which is where most food plots are.  AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime is much easier and just as effective, it starts working immediately.  “What really caught my attention about AGGRAND was the all-natural, organic aspects. It’s much less invasive to the local terrain.  “The days of just setting out an old corn crib loaded with chemicals that can leak out into the nearby creek are over. If a farmer tries that and run-off ends up in his neighbor’s land, the farmer is legally liable. Today farmers can go out of business from lawsuits over something like that.  So I started educating myself on AGGRAND because it’s all-natural. Everyone I knew who used AGGRAND had phenomenal results. “Some people don’t have their own land they can plant on. I’d advise these people to get permission to plant on government property. Once they find out you’re going to use an all-natural fertilizer, they will usually let you do it. When the DNR in Michigan found out some of my customers were going to fertilize with AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizer there was no problem at all.  “My customers that have used AGGRAND fertilizer on their food plots have seen the benefits first-hand. Their clover and alfalfa didn’t go dormant in summer during drought.  It stayed green.  “The better your food plot is, the healthier the deer will be. Ideally the deer will be eating as much good food as possible from February to August. This is good for antler development, but it’s also great for does. When a doe has a fawn, they need two to three times the protein because they are lactating to feed the fawn. If a doe doesn’t have the right nutrition, the fawn won’t get it either. A healthy fawn now is a healthy buck in the future. That justifies AGGRAND on food plots for deer. It’s also great for turkey, pheasant, partridge, quail, bear and all kinds of other animals. If your plot is green and luscious, you’re going to bring the animals in.  “Ninety-nine percent of growing is soil preparation.  AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 and Liquid Lime are perfect for this.  AGGRAND also promotes worm growth. Worms produce hundreds of pounds of waste per acre in a year and that fertilizes the soil even further and allows your crop to yield longer even during a more stressful season.  You can make your land a self-sustaining system. You’re only going to get out of the soil what you put in.   So the more you do for your land, the more it will produce for you.  AGGRAND gives you more bang for your buck and no harmful run-off.” 

Benefits from AGGRAND Natural Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer Formula…

……… helps boost nutrient levels, including protein, by enhancing natural soil microbial activity while providing secondary and micro-nutrients that plants need to flourish.

……… improved habitat and easy access to succulent, nutrient-rich food will help attract more wild game and help grow larger, healthier animals.

……… a throw and grow – no plant – no till – self-sustainable wildlife food plot system.

……… no till food plots and less disturbance means more benefits from undisturbed wildlife in their habitat, thus greater conservation.

……… no chemical or synthetic fertilizers means the safety for water resources for all, again preservation.

……… all these benefits and affordable prices which will save you even more in the long run too but needing less fertilizer later as soil life accelerates – the food plot reseeds – the less equipment needed, the less cost.

……… and you can sign for wholesale prices on food plot fertilizer vs paying retail by joining the buying club at a nominal fee.  The preferred customer program also gets you wholesale prices on synthetic lubricants, premium biodegradable hydraulic oil and even premium low toxic antifreeze and nanofiber filters.  See PCs Save in right menu.  Also consider that you may qualify as a commercial account for business use product.

Wildlife management where sustainable agricultural choices begin on our land with proper soil care.

The reason our land suffers is that the soil is ignored, only the plants are fed.  Sure the woods can feed itself.  But if we are hauling in synthetics and chemicals, we are killing the soil’s wildlife and destroying wildlife habitat.

Doe and fawn in clear stream, summertime.

Food plot fertilizers can be detrimental to wildlife water sources. Choose natural.

AGGRAND Natural Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer includes only naturally organic ingredients.  The land is properly fed with the finest natural ingredients available — fish, bloodmeal, Norwegian kelp, sulfate of potash and a host of other essential natural ingredients for a truly excellent all-purpose product.

With this product, you avoid chemical fertilization and….

  • High salts in fertilizers that are toxic to soil biology.
  • Less effective water-soluble nutrients.
  • Over-use of fertilizers.
  • Compacting the soil.
  • Erosion of the land.
  • Contamination of water resources.

Water resources are in danger.  Nutrients not immediately used by plants leech into groundwater, causing nitrification of drinking water.  There is also runoff into waterways, causing algae blooms that result in hypoxic dead zones that cannot support aquatic life.

REVIEW — Another AGGRAND Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer review on turnips, corn, soybeans, alfalfa, clover and kale ……

Richard Ward, Seaman, Ohio  –   Seaman shot his largest ever buck with a bow….  It weighed 265 pounds and had 10 points.  For five years, Ward has been feeding deer a healthy diet with his AGGRAND fertilized food plots.  Every year, the sheer number of deer who visit his food plots is a testament to how well AGGRAND works.  “I’m extremely pleased with the performance of my AGGRAND products,” says Ward.  “I use nothing but AGGRAND, particularly the Liquid Fertilizer and the Liquid Lime.  AGGRAND products do exactly what they’re supposed to do.”  Deer can’t seem to get enough AGGRAND fertilized turnips, corn, soybeans, alfalfa, clover and kale. Ward typically mixes together the Liquid Fertilizer 4-3-3 and Liquid Lime in a solution and spreads it twice.  The first time he sprays when he discs and then he sprays again 40 days later.  “It’s very easy to use and it really works,” says Ward.  “My turnips are bigger than softballs.”   Ward routinely sees as many as 14 deer in his turnips at one time.  Before the end of the season the entire plot is gone.  Every year, deer also wipe out two acres of his AGGRAND fertilized corn.  “My corn attracts so many deer that I can’t put my hand down flat on the snow covered ground without touching deer tracks.”  Deer also gather to eat Ward’s AGGRAND fertilized soybeans.  “They love it,” says Ward.  “This year they completely wiped out five acres of soy beans.  They ate everything; beans, stems and leaves.  I won’t use any other fertilizer.  You get what you pay for and AGGRAND is really worth it.”A wildlife food plot in the middle of shrub pines, iced over in winter and still has wild turkeys digging up the ice for food.

By using AGGRAND Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer, your land will have increased levels of  …..

  • Increased nitrogen levels. Resulting in increased soil microbial populations and increased nutrient uptake in crops for healthier, more resilient plants.
  • Increased sulfur levels. Proper sulfur levels provide high levels of protein in seed crops, forages and legumes, producing crops animals prefer.  Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizers create the uptake of nutrients that are also naturally in existence.
  •  Beneficial micro-organisms that produce plant growth stimulants and can produce digestive enzymes that attack and kill undesirable fungal pathogens, resulting in larger, healthier plants.
  • Increased potassium levels that enable efficient use of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, which in turn regulate plant tissues and fluids. Potassium is a prime requirement in chlorophyll construction, resulting in more of the large, nutrient-rich plants that animals prefer.
  • Increased phosphorus levels which are important in flower, seed and fruit development.  Essential for vigorous growth of plant reproductive parts and facilitates efficient energy storage and transfer. That means plants produce more seeds and fruit, providing more for wildlife to eat and allowing plants to re-seed themselves for better-established stands of vegetation.  AGGRAND Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer provides all these increases and benefits.

Perhaps you are a farmer with lands for a wildlife food plot.  A homeowner with a corner of the backyard.  An independent wildlife manager. A hunter who gives back to the land and wildlife habitat as you harvest.

Your wildlife food plots will come in at their highest production with AGGRAND because it is an all-natural, organically designed formula.

You can maximize your food plot potential…. you may want to consider other natural fertilizers by AGGRAND…..

Image of all the AGGRAND choices::: Organic Series 4-3-3, Naturally Organic Fertilizer 4-3-3, Liquid Lime, Liquid Bonemeal, Liquid Kelp and Sulfate of Potash. Wildlife Food Plot Fertilizer. READS MADE IN USA. AGGRAND logo, sizes in blulk and units, click for online store. Our info at bottom for Liquid Fertilizer Organic .com


Contact us for recommendations, soil analysis or to help set up a seasonal program.

We can get together and call the AGGRAND Technical Service Department which is available in Wisconsin.  Dedicated technicians work with clients to develop and fine tune their farming and gardening practices according to their specific needs. A CCA too.  Wildlife food plots too.  There are guides for gardening, hay, pastures, crops, orchards, lawn, landscaping and turf professionals.  WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT.  All these guides show first-time AGGRAND users and AGGRAND veterans alike how to get the most out of the products.  The wildlife food plots are basically the same as pasture fertilizer applications, except based on your soil analysis or challenges.

To obtain the most comprehensive understanding of the nutrient levels and crop requirements of a particular soil, AGGRAND recommends a soil analysis before determining a fertilization program. Very inexpensive Soil Analysis Kits (G1374) are available from AGGRAND.

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Hope you found what you are looking for today…

If you are looking for a deer food plot fertilizer and want to find the best high protein boosting wildlife food plot fertilizer from naturally-organic ingredients such as fish emulsions, North Atlantic kelp, bloodmeal, and fine ground sulfate of potash, then you have found it.

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COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS SAVE THREE WAYS   If you are wildlife management or anyone ordering 55-gallon drums. Contact me to process your commercial account and send your packet.

Thank you for reading.  Call or email with questions.

Diane Adams, Independent Fertilizer Dealer  AGGRAND ZO#1755968

Natural-based wildlife food plot fertilizer – ingredients and application guide on back label.

this was the back label for the wildlife food plot formula. The label was discontinued, but not the formula production.  The same AGGRAND all natural fertilizer as was in the food plot fertilizer. Exactly the same. So order NOF 4-3-3. But you can read the general directions for the food plot application here and now.

Back label of the food plot fertilizer formula for wildlife. READS: Natural Based Wildlife Food Plot Formula.Only now you will use the yellow label NOF 4-3-3. Same stuff. Gives application, planting and mixing information. Soil prperation. Total Nitrogen 4%. Phosphate 3%. Sulfate of Potash 3%. Derived from fish, bloodmeal, kelp, phosphoric acid and sulfate of potash.