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AGGRAND DEALERS — Fertilizer distributor Diane E Adams.  About us:  Bottomline, you will find us in the woods.  Hubby and I have been conservationists for decades.  Always lived close to the trees and wildlife. Buying from our local farmers since we met thirty-six years ago.  One of our dreams is to buy-in with landsaving associations where woodlands are conserved.


AGGRAND dealers, Bruce and Diane (Essa) Adams. Hand in hand through the Tennessee forest.

AGGRAND DEALER and HUBBY – Perfect fit when we found AGGRAND fertilizers.

We live what we love.  Let us entertain you in a moment.  As you scroll down, you will see huge, furry black lap dogs, skunks on our shoulders and long-legged, knobby-kneed turkeys standing in our bird feeders.  In this photo, though, that’s us from long ago, not the turkeys.

Our yard runneth over with meadow grasses and a few piles of well-designed brush for chipmunk dwellings.  Field glasses and our digital camera never leave the trucks.  Every single morning we are circling the nearby lakes, classified forests and fields watching turkeys, hawks, egrets, blue herons, sandhill cranes and Bald Eagles, yes, even here in Northwest Indiana…. and deer herds.   

You are on the all natural and organic fertilizer pages, so you understand or are questioning how to take a safer and lighter path with our food and water resources.

We are independent distributors of AGGRAND fertilizer because we believe in it

We are concerned about the environment and loss thereof.  We see that these natural and organic fertilizers work for us and neighbors, for farms and orchards.  Becoming AGGRAND dealers fit our lives. A perfect counter-point for goals and needs.


AGGRAND dealer, Bruce Adams, looking through scope on rainy spring day.

We can help you figure out the best choice for your family or farm, ranch, orchard business to gain the best discounts from AGGRAND fertilizers.  We are AGGRAND dealers for a few reasons, and one is to help people be frugal, save money and get the best from their land, their vehicles, their health.  AGGRAND, AMSOIL and ALTRUM do that for all of us, given the chance.  Our job is to orient you to the AMSOIL corporation and AGGRAND fertilizer division, high quality, award-winning corporation.

Start with AGGRAND fertilizers

…..and for one annual fee (or trial membership of $10) you get membership in the buying club to buy all of three, AGGRAND, AMSOIL and ALTRUM.  Place a trial membership in your cart to see discounts.

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If you need assistance, email or call for us to talk you through your best price choice with AGGRAND fertilizers.

More pictures below, but we won’t keep you now. That’s Blossom on Papa’s shoulders staring at me.

Our pet skunk looking into camera from where she was sleeping on her Papa's shoulders.

We hope you will find something you need here.  Great stuff, it is.

We appreciate your visit.

Diane Adams, Independent AGGRAND Dealer, Certified Direct Account Distributor

An informal hello and photos from our tri-corner area in  Indiana – Michigan – Illinois. The Great Lakes Region in the Midwest, USA.  We serve customers across the United States and Canada.


More about us….  We met in Pennsylvania.  We went for a walk in a Tennessee woods.  We had the wild one in Indiana. Naomi Faon, daughter, photo from age four, below.

Bruce Adams in white shirt, looking through scope at the state park on a rainy spring morning.

Bruce Adams (Hubby), husband of an Aggrand dealer, spotting Bald Eagles at Potato Creek State Park.

We love nature.  We stay close to the trees and meadows.

One reason we are AMSOIL and AGGRAND dealers.

Indiana state parks and the classified forests are our favorite places.  We are grateful to live in the middle of a wildlife habitat in the Maxincuckee area near Culver, Indiana.  We call our place Whip-poor-will Ridge.

AGGRAND dealer Bruce Adams with a large black Newfoundland dog at the park in spring.

We have lap dogs.  Or so they think.  This is a small adult male Newfie rescue, now he is 165-pounds and healthy.  We always have a Newfoundland, we just love them.   Bear lived with us in PA, he was from Michigan and couldn’t move to California with his family.  Orson was from Wisconsin and came to us in Indiana.   Joseph came to us in Michigan, he was from Ohio.  What a maze of Newfie rescues, eh.  And now we have Danny Boy who was adopted when he was three.  He is from Ohio, now living in Indiana with us.  As you see, we adopt older rescues.


Hubby feeding the birds, turkeys, squirrels and deer. Really. Below, he is with Danny Boy. I am with BearBear, in the hat. The freaky kid is our wild one, Naomi Faon, twenty-seven years ago.

Bruce and Danny Boy

Danny Boy and Mama large high res

Mama (me) with Danny Boy two days after we adopted him from the kill shelter. One happy Newfoundland. And happy me.

Can I have your bean.... No.

Hubby with Jeronimo, the grumpy skunk. “Can I have your bean?” “No.”

Diane-Bear-BlackLogValley Diane-autumn2015 Naomi-in-Vermont-age4



VINTAGE ATVs ON AMSOIL – Hubby likes to ATV the forests near Tyrone, PA. The old ATV is MAX from Bruce’s brother in State College, PA. Max has been in the family forever, from Tyrone, PA where Bruce was raised, near Altoona. Also in Valparaiso, IN and Kouts, IN. That is Bruce with his nephew Dave in the Kankakee Valley area. Now Dave and his sons own Max.


We do some photography. Some boating. And we love auctions, flea markets and historical festivals. We do some Indiana Amsoil dealing when there, sometimes sitting up a booth. Sometimes just strolling with the Newfoundland. We talk to everyone and the health of vehicles, equipment, boats, people, pets and the planet always gets discussed.

MORE PETS – Besides the Newfoundland compulsion, we have a pet skunk compulsion………..  BearBear in the hat.  The delightful Skunk Princess Lacey.  Oil painting of the grumpy Jeronimo (right).

BearBear-hat-BlackLogValley-bw pet-skunks-natural-garden


Photo of gorgeous pet skunk eating his corn on the cob in front of a little tepee.


Diane (me in third person) knows business opportunities when she sees them.  She is a writer and storyteller.  That’s why so many words.  For communication, you came to the right place.  She is also the entrepreneur of the online sites, Women’s Fiction: Myths, Dense Observations and Lies We Are Told and Engine Performance.   She became an Indiana Amsoil dealer first then an AGGRAND dealer – her passion. Hubby, who has 36 years in industrial lubrication and repair, Indiana and Pennsylvania steel mill mechanical maintenance. So he is an old-school guy. But the automotive products impressed him. First, P.i. then Engine Flush and Signature Series motor oil. So he was a Michiana (Michigan – Indiana) Amsoil dealer within a week of our first order.  Good, since Essa had his name on the business. Then he retired and the name came off for taxes-sake. But he is still supporting the family efforts in a hundred ways and here for reference.

Until AGGRAND – AMSOIL, our business goals did not quite fit. Work layoffs. Business disappointments. Dreams questioned because goals we worked so diligently toward would meltdown after a time.  Now, even when there was a critical illness for a few years, the business was on autopilot, so to speak. Checks kept coming every month.

We wanted a company and product line everyone truly needed, not just wanted. Something good for every family. Win/Win/Win.

As AMSOIL AGGRAND dealers, this line fit us perfectly.

  • As a couple, each with different skills and interests.
  • As people who value caring for our health and environment.
  • As people nearing retirement, who knew we would never really retire…. we wanted a company that traveled when we dd, whether we were Amsoil dealers in Indiana or any other state for however long we stayed there.

AMSOIL – AGGRAND is an environmentally-conscious company, and AMSOIL – AGGRAND products fit us because we perceive them as natural health for our vehicles and our land, plus extremely environmentally conscious and energy-conserving for the Earth.

If you are just shopping for AGGRAND fertilizers or AMSOIL products, you just met some nice people who like to help others shop for what they need, engines, gardens, lawns and health supplements. AMSOIL, AGGRAND and ALTRUM has it all.  If you think you can work with us, order through us.  Call for assistance.


When you order on the phone, tell customer service that your referral dealer is Diane Adams zo1755968.  Appreciated!

Diane E Adams ZO1755968

AGGRAND Dealers Indiana, USA

Southeast Great Lakes Region, Tri-state Corner of Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.

We are near Chicago IL, Hammond Indiana, South Bend Ind., Mishawaka, Elkhart, Fort Wayne IN, Warsaw Indiana, Elkhart Ind, Kokomo IN, Valparaiso Chesterton Indiana, Lafayette, Indiana, Kalamazoo MI, St. Joseph Michigan, Niles Mich., Benton Harbor MI

More rural towns we are near and often visit include Culver, Knox, Bass Lake, Winamac, Rochester, Argos, Plymouth, Wakarusa, Nappanee, Bourbon, Bremen, Syracuse, Columbia City, North Manchester, Lake Winona, Logansport, Star City, Peru, Wabash, Osceola, Goshen, LaPorte, Michigan City, New Carlisle, Rolling Prairie, Koontz Lake, Lakeville, Lapaz, Walkerton, North Liberty, Wanatah, North Judson, Hebron, Kouts, DeMotte, LaCrosse, Kewanna, Monon, Monticello, Portage, Hobart, Merrillville… all Indiana. There are so many smaller towns, we haunt them all for the little shops, the out of the way restaurants and flea markets. We love small town Indiana. Have you ever heard of little ? Hate to send you off site when you need something from AGGRAND, so this link will open in another window, you will find your way back. But this website is tremendous if you love little Indiana towns.

In Michigan, we are a short drive from New Buffalo, Three Oaks, Dowagiac, Schoolcraft, Decatur, Three Rivers, Sturgis and Buchanan. In Michigan, we are often on trips for peaches, grapes, apples organic produce farms. We also love the flea markets, festivals, antique shopping, we absolutely love traveling Red Arrow Highway on a weekday morning, so much fun to hit all the spots in off season, winding up in Saugatuck for lunch, sometimes Grand Haven and Muskegon.  Our Michigan Indiana AGGRAND dealer business makes it possible for us to do a lot of simple browsing our way through life, makes things calmer. And that about sums it up.