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This is the AGGRAND COLLECTION. I designed this and got it approved to use for my customers. Use this form then you will receive the download link via an autoresponder. FORM and CATALOG Correspondence you can trust. All natural fertilizers catalog includes downloads and pages specific to –  price information with USA and CANADA prices, customer experiences, Crop Guide, Garden Guide, Lawn Guide, horse pasture, farm crops and technical tips for tank filling.   Basically this fertilizer catalog is my […]

Natural fertilizer catalog download here   Recently updated !

A lot of searches go out for “natural fertilizer made in USA” – “American made fertilizer” – “USA organic fertilizer” too.  I know we like to hold it close when purchasing products. North American made fertilizers are quite preferred. Organic standards in the USA and Canada are ‘different’ than those from many imported fertilizers and natural foods. Organic and natural fertilizers made in the USA One of the reasons we started using AGGRAND natural fertilizers is because it is made […]

Fertilizer made in USA

If you are not ordering a drum or tote* then add items to your cart at AGGRAND FERTILIZER STOREFRONT. Your order will be UPS drop shipped to your home, business or farm. UPS is a SAFEWAY CARRIER and AGGRAND operates a SAFEWAY shipping fleet for too. PAY DEALER PRICE Most AGGRAND customers order online. Then their order is drop-shipped from the nearest of many North American warehouses. Organic and all natural fertilizer from a made in the USA company. All […]


“As it jerked me off my feet and started dragging me across the ground, it occurred to me… wait! Did you know that deer bite? And if you turn to run it will hit you in the back of the head.” And this is why when I was sitting in the meadow and a deer came stomping toward me and snorting, I went to the house. Not my story, but would rather learn from the experience of another. Farm fertilizers […]

Farmer Ropes Deer

Where to buy heirloom seeds? Heirloom vegetable seeds? Organic heirloom seeds? Non-GMO heirloom seeds? Sometimes one just happens upon a collection of information they must share.  These producers and sellers of organic heirloom seeds non GMO seeds, organic seeds…. they are in one place and still pouring in with information on more companies.  We have created a few lists below to organize what you need.  Certified organic heirloom seeds for market growers.  Safe heirloom seeds for gardeners.  Non-GMO heirloom seeds […]

Organic Heirloom Seeds Non GMO Lists

I came across a permaculture organic gardens post on a LinkedIn group and then a blog.  Though the blog is old and not used, it is full of pages on permaculture and perma-greenhouse systems.  That led me to a community in the next state, Steele, Illinois, where the cooperative of a small community supplies all the food for the people right in their own locality. Perpetual Harvest Greenhouse System Perpetual Harvest Greenhouse System designs a new step forward in a […]

Permaculture organics or putting the garden to bed? Choose.

Some ideas on how to keep birds away from your blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries.  Buying bird netting to keep birds out of your berry field is an expensive and massive task with pitfalls besides the cost and labor.  The netting is more often caught on the berry bushes than not, the netting tangles wildlife and can kill them.  You only wanted to scare the birds, right?  The netting does deter birds but there are other wildlife that will visit, so […]

How to keep birds away from berries besides buying bird ...

The benefits of using lime as a soil amendment are clear cut and surprising.  Quite simply, the lime lawn treatment will furnish calcium.  Calcium is the nutrient reactor, or the boss, of all other nutrients that are being absorbed, especially phosphorus, zinc and copper.  Lime acts for our grass just like any decayed organic matter and compost which you don’t want to dump all over the yard, right.  But it does increase bacterial activity.  This in turn creates more porous, […]

Lime Lawn Treatment Is Really Calcium

What was I thinking — that mushrooms are healthy so mushroom compost tea is going to be healthy for my garden.  Fortunately, I took a pause before starting my gourd experiment in the garden.  After I dumped the 40-pound bag of mushroom compost into the huge tote and added five-parts water to that, I decided to do some research on what vegetable plants besides the gourds would like some mushroom compost tea, in case I wanted to lace them with […]

Mushroom compost tea not worth risks

AGGRAND liquid fish fertilizers have wintergreen oil added to improve the bad smell. AGGRAND Organic Series 4-3-3, All Purpose 4-3-3, both with fish emulsion and kelp as the main ingredients, and their Liquid Kelp Fertilizer with Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 all contain natural wintergreen oil to improve the scent.  Much easier to work around without the fish fertilizer smell.  A neighbor pops in while you are fertilizing the flowers, got some on your dress, at least you are not as […]

Fish fertilizer smell, bad as seaweed

Sandbeck Earns CCA Certified Crop Advisor— Walt Sandbeck is the fertilizer specialist at AGGRAND.  A horticulturist with a degree from the University of Virginia, he has been the crop adviser for nearly fourteen years, besides heading research and product formulation. His professional competence, all his years as crop adviser and his horticulture background in landscape and gardening have culminated to earn him a degree certified by the American Society of Agronomy as a CCA Certified Crop Advisor.   The degree is […]

CCA Certified Crop Advisor Code of Ethics – Easy to ...

Really, to receive a gorgeous Spring catalog for seed and plant and garden tools long, long before spring.   Better yet, right at gift giving time.  While the ice is still on the berries.  Full of  gifts for Gardeners, if you are a gardener and look closely.   “Yes, honey, I almost forgot but what I really want is a new greenhouse, not the necklace.”  That’s what a semi-involved gardener would say.  No issue there, the cause is the cause.  Grow things!  […]

Vermont Bean Seed Company Marketing Genius – Christmas Gifts for ...

BioPreferred green fertilizers have products label identifying that either the product or its packaging being made from renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials as being a USDA Biobased product.   A new rule in 2011 that created the BioPreferred label was to help consumers identify, in this case “green fertilizers” among other green products.  The green products or USDA biobased products has grown with more than 1000 applications as of Spring 2012 and, consequently, to identify more than 550 products.  […]

USDA Biobased “Green Fertilizers”

On May 11, 2011, AGGRAND announced that their Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 gained certification in the biobased products list for the USDA BioPreferred SM program.  The new logo was soon on their brochures and labels. As for Liquid Fertilizer, Organically Designed, we’ve got it on our site and in our letters to customers now.  We are thrilled because seldom is an activity for a plant and lawn care program more hands-on, head-in-leaves than fertilizing.  To be included in the biobased products […]

Biobased Products – USDA BioPreferred Natural Fertilizer

AGGRAND Launches Improved Natural Liquid Lime Formulation The new AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime formulation became available February 2011. The improved formulation boasts an average particle size 600 percent smaller than the previous formulation, nearly doubles the available calcium, and suspension agents reduce product separation for longer shelf-life. Natural Liquid Lime Fills Deficiency Approximately 90 percent of the soil analyses received by AGGRAND need calcium. Because calcium plays a critical role in overall plant nutrient uptake, it should be part of […]

Lime Fertilizer Improved