AGGRAND Fertilizer Commercial Accounts

Interested in an AGGRAND Fertilizer Commercial Account?  You know if you qualify.

Up to 40% off bulk fertilizer?   Freight arrangements?

AGGRAND fertilizer commercial accounts are companies or businesses with a large volume use that purchase our liquid fertilizer for commercial business use, choosing from either our organic fertilizer or biobased, all natural. Link to application.  Better yet, use my form and contact me. I will process your commercial fertilizer account, no middleman or time lost.  Smaller  companies, call or email for details on other ways to save and get money back on your own purchases.



Now let’s start saving you money.  #1  Less than AGGRAND wholesale.  #2  No set up fee for AGGRAND FERTILIZER commercial accounts.Spraying organic, bulk liquid fertilizer in orchard at springtime.  #3  Freight carrier benefits at 50% paid or 100% paid for high volume orders. #4  Huge 35 – 45% off fertilizers.   #5  Results!  #6 All natural.

  • Landscapers
  • Lawncare services
  • Turf care professionals
  • Golf courses
  • Farmers
  • Ranchers
  • Wildlife management
  • Crop sprayers
  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Nurseries
  • Greenhouses
  • Parks and recreation
  • Zoos
  • Highway departments
  • And AGGRAND fertilizer for more like this…

…..all these businesses benefit from their AGGRAND FERTILIZER commercial accounts. 

Banner to go to all natural organic fertilizer store. AGGRAND labels, natural solutions for any crop, made in USA. And says email for catalog or wholesale prices. Specify USA or Canada. And reads, appx. 25% off for members. Quarts to bulk fertilizer.

Cover of AGGRAND fertilizer brochure called Testimonials.

You don’t have to go organic-certified to hit the next benefit on the mark!

Read more here on commercial – agricultural fertilizer use.

Wisely take it up a notch – do the less expected – go for the environmentally safe, natural liquid fertilizers for your commercial account.  Customers are looking for the more natural, the more organic.  AGGRAND commercial prices for commercial accounts usually end up costing businesses and farms less than chemical fertilizers, less than wholesale.  Proven more effective over time, rebuilding the soil.  TESTIMONIALS BROCHURE AT TOP OF THIS LIST.  Commercial business use of AGGRAND organic fertilizer and their all natural fertilizer offer the benefit of safer environments to everyone who goes near the area where fertilizers are applied.

Offering these choices ….  NOP-certified or USDA Biopreferred and all natural. 



Advantages of the AGGRAND FERTILIZER Commercial Account

  • Liquid organic AGGRAND fertilizer and biobased all natural liquid fertilizers in bulk
  • Buy direct from AGGRAND
  • Buy products made in U.S.A.
  • Commercial pricing from 35% to 45% – beats wholesale
  • The same off for equipment and vehicle maintenance products
  • Purchase organic and natural fertilizer in volume discounts from 2% to 10%
  • Available in bulk fertilizer concentrate – 275-gallon tote, 55-gallon drum, 5-gallon pails, 2.5 gallon jug, quart.
  • Financially beneficial freight arrangements or make your own pick up arrangement
  • Pay by credit card, check or bank draft
  • Optional net 30-day credit line to apply for
  • Toll-free and Internet ordering
  • AGGRAND fertilizer technical support to design your unique fertilizer applications.

AGGRAND FERTILIZER TECHS AVAILABLE Farm tractor spraying crops when first breaking ground.

Monday – Friday, 7 until 5  CST

Telephone 755.399.6419

Please… if you call your order to AGGRAND customer service or the techs or CCA, whether they ask for your account number or not, I would appreciate for you to tell them that I am your referral dealer – Diane Adams, ZO1755968.  Independent AGGRAND Direct Account Dealer. Thank you!  To set up your commercial account, my position is in processing and getting your account packet to you then assisting with your quote and order.  Email me.

There is no cost or purchase obligation to become an AGGRAND FERTILIZER Commercial Account.

If you would like to sign up as a Biobased or Organic Fertilizer Commercial Account or would like more information, please simply use our contact form …. and we will send the questions to you. You account will be processed quickly.

Reply to my email and tell me anything I will need to know.


If somewhere along the reading you decided you do not want to sign up for a commercial account BUT you do want to use the AGGRAND in your business, there is simple way to do so now and begin to save up to 25% with wholesale fertilizer prices plus get commission kickbacks on your own orders.  That would be a check each month with a percentage of your $$$ back to you.  You can save immediately, if you order today.  That is as a dealer (but you don’t need to deal anything) with a fee of either $10 trial membership for 6-months or $20 annual.  Throw this PC membership in your cart at AGGRAND and see the discount wholesale prices you would be paying.  You can start now.  If the word ‘dealer’ scares you – but it’s just fertilizer – then go PREFERRED CUSTOMER instead, same wholesale fertilizer prices, same fee for the year, but you will not get the commission check.  Still a good deal with immediate savings.  You can even do one of these now while you wait for your account to be approved.If you need to contact AGGRAND, this is your information.  Your dealer referral number will be ours, Adams ZO1755968R.  After you are signed up, you will receive a PC membership number.  Whether you have an AGGRAND FERTILIZER commercial account or become a dealer or preferred customer to accomplish your goals of saving money and using the best fertilizer, we will work you through all your questions, orient you with the company ins-and-outs and give any insights we have to your business decisions based on AGGRAND fertilizers for business use.

Commercial fertilizer accounts are either all natural liquid fertilizers or commercial organic fertilizer accounts. It is your choice which to use. Good to have choices in one place. Call or email for more assistance. Diane E AdamsTurf pro spraying golf course.


Crop sprayer over field in summer.We appreciate that you are investigating this information on AGGRAND organically designed natural fertilizers.  The more commercial businesses protecting our environment from undue stresses, the better.  Email or telephone with questions.  Or start your order now in our AGGRAND FERTILIZER STOREFRONT, open online 24/7.

Diane E Adams, Independent AGGRAND Fertilizer Dealer serving North America

AGGRAND Fertilizer commercial accounts who are interested in organic fertilizer and biobased fertilizers are very welcome here.  Let’s make it a better world.  Imagine a world where everyone is spraying all natural fertilizers.