Vermont Bean Seed Company Marketing Genius – Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

Really, to receive a gorgeous Spring catalog for seed and plant and garden tools long, long before spring.   Better yet, right at gift giving time.  While the ice is still on the berries.  Full of  gifts for Gardeners, if you are a gardener and look closely.   “Yes, honey, I almost forgot but what I really want is a new greenhouse, not the necklace.”  That’s what a semi-involved gardener would say.  No issue there, the cause is the cause.  Grow things!  Ice threaded from the red crab apples.

Are you buying gifts for gardeners that are low key or over the top?

How to tell?  Anytime of year, a true gardener has their head in the garden, is looking for more plants to haul home or is figuring out how to have more tools. Long before spring, they are kicked back in the loungers talking about where the next apple trees will thrive.  They are digging around in their portabella mushroom boxes.  Portabella, all gourmet mushrooms grown at home love quality nitrogen fertilizers.  So a stocking stuffer for the mushroom-growing freak is Aggrand All Natural Fertilizer made of true fish emulsion concentrate with wintergreen scent.  Edible mushrooms grown at home also love liquid bone meal fertilizer, which we have too.  Real gardeners never quit. Christmas gifts for gardeners are a year round deal.

A few garden gifts in red, anyone.  What woman would be thrilled to find in her stocking that her husband had ordered for her two hundred Killarney Summer Bearing Red Raspberry plants?  The homestead type.  Then there’s the Tomato Caretaker in red, a contraption that serves as a mulch to heat the spring soil, retains and distributes water and nutrients.  The red choice in Compost Keepers.  But I would choose the white, if it were my other compost holder.

a closeup fo red raspberries picked for table.Husbands would give a nod to a gardening Christmas gift like the Mini Dragon.  This is a flame thrower for killing weeds naturally, though I wonder how many brush fires have been started.  Which reminds me of the day my friend’s hubby burned leaves and the entire farm field, bringing the fire department. And she went back in the house to wash dishes, being she was accustomed to these scenes by then.  And there are the starter greenhouses, the mini hothouses, the T-5 light systems.  A gardener would want these, they can begin their season on December 26th.

The Christmas gifts this gardener would love

A Square Foot Gardening Book and the Square Foot Gardening Kit or two items I would have checked for Christmas – oh, I do have these checked and starred – plus those grow lights. This is my idea of a gift.  (Updated: have had the lights and piles of AGGRAND fertilizers and love my winter salads.)  Pile in some jugs of AGGRAND Organic Liquid Fertilizers, all will do, and it’s on.  I also want another new Troy-Bilt rototiller.  The first, we sold when we started to move around so much.  But I miss my Troy-Bilt.  And it’s red, yes it is red!

Close up of evergreen tree decorated with gold. A red envelope tucked on a branch.

Computer time when snowed in – the gift of Vermont Bean’s Garden Planner Software.  You know how any plants you need, when to expect to harvest and replant and what plantings are next for each area.  You can have the next up already planted too.  Multiple gardens, it does wonders. This I love, I don’t need another.  But does your gardener want one for Christmas?

It is true genius to mail gardeners the Spring Seed Catalog at Christmas shopping season

Like I said, Christmas gifts for gardeners is what they sent.  And Vermont Bean Seed Company is ingenious by making these catalogs arrive in the mailbox right after Thanksgiving.  This is one of my favorite companies for seeds.  I have a few catalog favorites for drooling over the gardener’s items.  But in Vermont Bean Seed there are real pictures of harvests.  An organic seed section would make me ecstatic though.    But this company has more bean seed choices than you ever knew existed in this wide world. For dilling beans, there are mixes by Mrs. Wages.

Next post is on the variety of manures available for compost.   Never thought I would say that.  But the Christmas gifts for gardeners had to come first.

Diane E Adams, Liquid Organic Fertilizer Distributor

AGGRAND Direct Account Dealer ID#1755968