LIQUID KELP FERTILIZER Concentrate with Sulfate of Potash

Liquid kelp fertilizer —  Use as a soil fertilizer, a foliar application or even a root soak to stimulate plant growth and enhance the plant’s self protection.  Liquid kelp fertilizer is a stimulant for better increases in your crop yields, for recovery from stresses, such as drought resistance and protection from frost, even pests.  

Liquid Kelp Fertilizer 0-0-8  Concentrate With Growth Hormones, Amino Acids, Nutrients for Self-Protection, Potash and Sulfur

When you feed potent natural sea kelp fertilizer to your plants, you give the concentrations of  amino acids, micronutrients, vitamins and trace minerals.  Dozens of growth hormones, minerals and vitamins.  But there are the kelp growth hormones too, these stimulate the processes in the plants so they thrive and have protection from their own natural core benefits.  AGGRAND liquid kelp concentrate creates a cost-effective fertilizer for higher yields.

All Natural and Organic Kelp Fertilizer — without chloride going into your soil from the potassium.

Other sources of potassium often are made with chloride which damage your soil life and crop roots. But the AGGRAND Organic Liquid Kelp Fertilizer is made with kelp from the clear icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean that has the natural potash and nitrogen, even those much coveted plant hormones.   No damage done to your soil health.

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Liquid kelp fertilizer contains more than 60 minerals and vitamins.  Perhaps more importantly, kelp is a premium source of cytokinins, gibberellins and auxins.  These are natural plant growth hormones to stimulate processes in plants.   Also, organic liquid kelp fertilizer, or seaweed fertilizer, photosynthesizes sunlight as it touches it through shallow water.  And it absorbs nutrients from seawater through the leaves. This passes to your plants.



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Potash in liquid kelp fertilizer?

But how does the potash get into the kelp that becomes the organic kelp fertilizer?  The ocean is given runoff from the entire earth, that runoff containing all known minerals, trace elements and vitamins.  Therefore, AGGRAND organic liquid kelp fertilizer, or seaweed fertilizer, contains more than 60 minerals and several plant hormones, plus a rich amount of nitrogen and potash.  When you want liquid kelp fertilizer, you are looking for a good dose of potassium.  The sulfate of potash adds more.

Potash as a great source of potassium.  Considered the universal helper and major contributor to plant health.  Otherwise plants have weak stalks and underdeveloped roots.  They will be susceptible to disease and infestation.


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Liquid Kelp Fertilizer Decreases Pesticide Need

Using liquid kelp fertilizer as a foliar fertilizer is a sustainable and nontoxic means of reducing plant susceptibility to disease and pests.  Liquid kelp fertilizer can be sprayed as a foliar feeding which doubles as a means to ward off infestation by insects, sometimes decreasing the need for pesticides by one-third to one-half or more.

Minimally Processed Potash from Great Salt Lake

For those of us who did not know this prior to searching out the seaweed fertilizer, yes, the potash is in the kelp, naturally, along with the high levels of amino acids, plant-growth hormones and micro-nutrients we want for our plantings.  The sulfate of potash in AGGRAND Liquid Kelp Fertilizer is also a minimally processed liquid potash fertilizer from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  Other sources of potassium contain chloride, but this sulfate of potash does not, thus not damaging the roots and the life that is growing in the soil you are building through organic sustainable choices.

Now for the Organic Liquid Kelp Fertilizer (Seaweed Fertilizer)

The kelp used in AGGRAND organic liquid seaweed or organic liquid kelp fertilizer is a concentrate derived from a species grown in the North Atlantic Ocean.  When used as a fertilizer, kelp promotes robust and healthy plants because of its high levels of plant-growth hormones, amino acids, micro-nutrients and potash.  Again, with these in their battlefield, crops are less susceptible to drought and cold and heat stress.

In land garden with wide rows, staked bean plants are seven-feet high.

Seaweed fertilizer benefits — Seaweed benefits have long been known to include chelation of metals from our bodies.  When plants are fed a liquid seaweed fertilizer which contains fulvic and humic acids to release nutrients from the soil, same result,  a chelating agent aiding in foliar and root uptake and stimulating microbial activity.

Besides a chelation for the plants, what this means is AGGRAND Organic Liquid Kelp Fertilizer works with the other fertilizers to literally create a compost pile right in your garden.  That is why I literally quit composting out of necessity.  I still do because we believe in recycling everything, but we have AGGRAND in the garden now.  Story below.

This AGGRAND Organic Liquid Kelp and Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 also is formulated with two percent sulfur.  The fourth major nutrient.  Without the sulfur, the potassium and nitrogen benefits are not realized.

Liquid Kelp Fertilizer recommended for, but not limited to benefit….

  • kelp for apples, berry and citrus orchards,
  • kelp for golf courses and lawns,
  • kelp for field and greenhouse tomatoes,
  • kelp fertilizer for cabbage, cucumbers, beans, potatoes, garlic
  • and kelp for bedding plants

Major benefits from AGGRAND Liquid Kelp Fertilizer and Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 are

  • improves tolerance for heat, cold and drought
  • promotes nitrogen use efficiency
  • helps reduce susceptibility to insect attack and infection by disease-causing organisms
  • promotes early growth and development
  • kelp fertilizer helps increase oil content in seed crops
  • promotes early ripening, improved quality and extended shelf-life of fruits and vegetables
  • aids seed formation and nitrogen fixation in legumes
  • liquid kelp fertilizer is formulated for both foliar feed or soil applications.


My two favorite AGGRAND Liquid Fertilizers – Biobased 4-3-3 and Liquid Kelp Fertilizer.

I was a child when I started gardening.  My parents made manure tea and used chemical fertilizers (? really), but I chose not to do the tea thing when I managed my own garden.  My compost never amounted to much, so I adopted the natural siderow composting method.   Not much luck at the beginning.  Then my mother gave me a book on ‘square foot gardening’, one she rightly thought would appeal to my organizational obsessions.  But even when fed and planted in squares with enough room to spread out, my plants had spindly legs, wimpy were their stems and they fell to disease and annihilation by insects.  Distraught, I cracked and had a co-op soil analysis which revealed no potassium. To me, that was too simple, but it was my pre-AGGRAND era.  Now I have my meager composting and I have liquid kelp fertilizer too.


And that is another story…..

Their other fertilizer, the AGGRAND liquid fish emulsion 4-3-3 used to smell really awful which is probably where they got the idea to include wintergreen oil.  Really, imagine fish pulverized into fertilizer.  I am glad AGGRAND fixed the smell.

Our sunshine, Chloe, the day she helped me feed my garden with the Liquid Kelp. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pink goggles anda grin.

A granddaughter story… The first year we used AGGRAND she had her little watering can, helping me water and fertilize with the AGGRAND 4-3-3.  That one uses the same liquid kelp concentrate from the North Atlantic Ocean as this kelp and potash product.  Coupled with the organic nitrogen from the oceangoing menhaden fish – menhaden’s Native American name actually meaning ‘that which manures’.

“What is that smell?” she asked.  Since she had a Nemo thing going on and was kind of a vegetarian for awhile, I didn’t want to tell her that it was squished up fishies.  So I told her it was fish poop.  She asked why fish poop was in there.  “They give us their poop so we can use the vitamins in it to feed the plants, just like you are doing.”  She kept watering then handed the little watering can back to me saying, “Ugh! It smells disgusting!”

The up side is that the Liquid Kelp Fertilizer with Sulfate of Potash also is now scented with natural wintergreen oil to improve the scent.

Back to business…….


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Diane Adams, Certified AGGRAND Fertilizer Dealer serving United States & Canada

Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid Kelp Fertilizer – Certified Organic Seaweed Fertilizer by AGGRAND

Back label for kelp fertilizer reads: AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash provides the important nutrients, potassium (8%) and sulfur (2%). Directions, garden foliar spray rates, garden soil application rates, AMSOIL inc.