LIQUID LIME FERTILIZER Soil amendment by AgGrand for additional calcium

LIQUID LIME FERTILIZER – AGGRAND superfine calcitic liquid lime with humus and hormones.  Will increase calcium.  Immediately produce green lawns, see the difference in highly productive pastures and hay fields.
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AGGRAND Liquid Lime Fertilizer Concentrate is formulated with super-fine ground pure calcitic limestone.  All natural and easy way to correct soil pH.  Complete with humus and hormones.

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We look to naturally organic fertilizers to feed our plants and transform or enhance our organic soil.  Soil health is an ongoing process.  But the immediate goal is producing green lawns, productive pastures and high yielding hayfields that need calcium to promote plant growth.  That’s where liquid lime fertilizer comes in….


  • AgGrand lime fertilizer supports prolific plant growth through added calcium,
  • is needed for permanent ground covers such as turf, pastures and hayfields,
  • is vital to the health of newly planted lawns and pastures or hayfields, and
  • proves necessary to increase the soil microbial activity and the proliferation of earthworms and other beneficial insects.

AGGRAND LIQUID LIME is a soil amendment or conditioner that contains calcitic limestone in suspension specifically formulated for faster penetration around the roots.

As a high quality, super-fine ground limestone where particles are two times finer than those of conventional bagged lime, AGGRAND Liquid Lime Fertilizer immediately and naturally increases calcium levels in the soil which is readily absorbed by the roots and leaves.


Cows in lush green pasture, heads through fence like grass is greener over there.

Liquid suspension of finer ground pure calcitic limestone provides immediate availability to plant roots.

Delivers calcium and magnesium for superior plant growth.

When used with AGGRAND  Organic Series  4-3-3 or AGGRAND Biobased Liquid Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3, this is an easy way to correct low soil pH which is a sign of calcium deficiency.

Lime fertilizer can immediately produce green lawns, productive pastures and hayfields. Liquid lime fertilizer is easier to apply.

Calcitic lime fertilizer increases the soil microbial activity.

Increases proliferation of earthworms and other beneficial insects.

AgGrand liquid lime fertilizer is and easy, effective alternative to bagged lime.

A lime fertilizer that is easy to apply without the dusty mess or dump truck loads of lime ‘rock’ on your field.

Economical liquid concentrate by AGGRAND, liquid lime fertilizer available from quarts to bulk in 55-gallon drum or 275-gallon tote.


The immediate goal is producing green lawns, productive pastures and high yielding hayfields.  Calcium will promote plant growth.  Applications are also recommended for tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages, lettuce, especially when the liquid lime fertilizer is mixed with AGGRAND Biobased or Organic 4-3-3 Natural Fertilizer.

Beautiful two-story slate blue home with mature trees in yard and lush grass.

Liquid lime fertilizer from finely ground calcitic limestone, low in magnesium, high in calcium, for enviable lawns. Organic, biobased and natural liquid fertilizers by AGGRAND for the health of family and pets.

Next goal of every gardener, nurseryman, landscaper, turf superintendent and farmer is to stimulate the biological activity in the soil to provide a continuous release of nutrients as the plants need them.  This is the way when we give up synthetic fertilizers.  Just gets easier.

Natural lime fertilizers will add creatures to your soil so you know it is alive again. AGGRAND is complete with humus and hormones.

AGGRAND products are useful during soil preparation, planting, transplanting and plant growth. In addition to the macronutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N-P-K), AGGRAND products contain micronutrients, growth hormones, chelating agents, vitamins and humus that provide a balanced nutritional program for plants and the creatures in the soil.

Different from other fertilizers, AGGRAND products are formulated to give excellent results when used for foliar feeding and root feeding. In addition, they build the soil for prolific root growth and enhanced top growth. The highest quality ingredients are used in AGGRAND products to give the best results.  From Liquid Lime Fertilizer to AGGRAND Liquid Organic Series 4-3-3, Liquid Biobased 4-3-3, Liquid Organic Kelp and Liquid Bonemeal.


AGGRAND Technical Service Department is available in Wisconsin at telephone 715.399.6419 but call us first or send an email. We can contact them for assistance Monday – Friday 8-5 CST.  Dedicated technicians work with clients to develop and fine tune their farming and gardening practices according to their specific needs. There are guides for gardening, hay, pastures, crops, orchards, lawn, landscaping and turf professionals.  All these guides show first-time AGGRAND users and AGGRAND veterans alike how to get the most out of the products.

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LIME FERTILIZER by AGGRAND LIQUID FERTILIZERS   ORDER NOW – Read MSDS, application guide, data bulletin here, and see prices. Choose retail or preferred customer.


To obtain the most comprehensive understanding of the nutrient levels and crop requirements of a particular soil, AGGRAND recommends a soil analysis before determining a fertilization program. Very inexpensive Soil Analysis Kits (G1374) are available from AGGRAND.

Application rates of lime fertilizer and liquid fertilizers

……….organic by nature, are safe and effective, except that each application for every crop can be a different call to get the best results.  AGGRAND has prepared application guides according to plant/crop type, soil condition and weather conditions. As we recommend, call the AGGRAND technicians at 715.399.6419 to support you in your crop preparation, especially as you transform your land from chemical fertilizers to naturally organic fertilizers.  Use the guides on the AGGRAND Storefront in the left column on the AGGRAND site – or link to them from the list below.

For guidance on crops and Liquid Lime Fertilizer, we can get together and call AGGRAND Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) Walt Sandbeck, 715.399.6419.

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If you are looking for a super-fine ground, premium liquid lime fertilizer concentrate from finely ground calcitic limestone, then you have found it.

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Diane Adams, Independent AGGRAND Liquid Fertilizer Distributor

Liquid Fertilizer

Naturally Organic Liquid Lime Fertilizer for Lawns, Hay, Turf

Back label of AGGRAND liquid lime fertilizer. READS: All NAtural Liquid Lime is fine calcitic limestone in suspension. Directions, Lawn and turf rates, Garden and field application rates, Houseplants. Guaranteed analysis Calcium 10%. Mesh sieve percent passing through - 100% for 10 to 100 mesh and 95% for 325 mesh.

Natural lime fertilizer is a soil amendment  that will help to add creatures and good old nightcrawlers to your soil so you know it is alive again.  The less tilled, the better.  No dust storm of bagged lime, immediately feeding calcium to your plants.