AGGRAND Fertilizer

AGGRAND fertilizer is often called AGGRAND – AMSOIL fertilizer because the manufacturer is the AMSOIL Corporation which creates products to save our natural resources.  They test every tank of fertilizer that they produce, including their line of NOP-organic and natural liquid fertilizer products.  These are proven safe, ecologically sustainable and cost effective for farming and commercial use, as well as organic gardening and natural lawns. Going AGGRAND shopping?  Click the banner.  Or use our website as a guide to liquid application guides, ingredients, reviews, price information, discount links, or ask us to run your needs through the liquid fertilizer calculator. Quote given, season programs recommended.Banner to go to all natural organic fertilizer store. AGGRAND labels, natural solutions for any crop, made in USA. And says email for catalog or wholesale prices. Specify USA or Canada. And reads, appx. 25% off for members. Quarts to bulk fertilizer.

AGGRAND Fertilizer for Liquid Applications In Organic Gardening, Lawn Care & FarmingOur website banner for AGGRAND fertilizers - reads, MADE IN USA - AGGRAND STOREFRONT. Lists and shows images of all the liquid fertilizers, pricing and info if you click, seldom sold in stores, click for online store. Retail welcome, or preferred customer membership with up to 35% discounts. Images on left of farmer harvesting hay, a fruit tree in blossom, brown horses in summer pasture in Midwest. for U.S.A and Canada

We really appreciate that you are stopping to read, there is always so much to do and organic gardening websites all over the place.  You are reading about a fertilizer manufacturer with their eye on environmental stewardship at a time when farms across North America are being forced to look at a new way of production due to the high cost of chemical fertilizer production.  Also, AGGRAND fertilizer is produced in the U.S.A. when the greatest percentage of products in the fertilizer industry are imported.  Their line of quality, natural ingredients creates a smorgasbord for either all natural or certified organic growing.

We are natural fertilizer suppliers that will assist in your order and its arrival at your door, barn or business because it is shipped anywhere across the United States and Canada — where it’s fertiliser.   (Alaska and Hawaii orders are special arrangements, but yes, shipping for both.)  The natural organic fertilizers are listed below with ingredients, NPK numbers and application guides.

AGGRAND Residential Applications                         AGGRAND Gardening Guide 

AGGRAND Commercial Information                       AGGRAND Crop Guide

  1. AGGRAND Fertilizer for Liquid Applications In Organic Gardening, Lawn Care & Farming for U.S.A and Canada
  2. The fertilizer ingredients name the AGGRAND products
  3. AGGRAND 4-3-3 liquid fertilizer
  4. AGGRAND Organic Liquid Kelp with Sulfate of Potash (NKP 0-0-8)
  5. AGGRAND Liquid Bonemeal (NBM 0-12-0)
  6. AGGRAND Liquid Lime Soil Amendment
  7. AGGRAND Wildlife Food plot Formula
  8. Liquid Fertilizer Manufacturer In U.S.A.
  9. Green Lawn
  10. Natural fertilizer for garden vegetables
  11. Organic Farm Fertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture
  12. Liquid Pasture Fertilizer and Hay Fertilizer
  13. Commercial Liquid Fertilizer
  14. Pond Fertilizer
  15. A Water Soluble Fertilizer Designed for Foliar Applications
  16. AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer Prices
  18. Who uses AGGRAND Fertilizer? Reviews and Testimonials Brochure
  19. Why AgGrand fertilizer is superior and reasons you would switch – besides that these are natural liquid fertilizers.
  20. Saving the Environment and Family
  21. AgGrand Fertilizer Means Saving Money

The fertilizer ingredients name the AGGRAND products

No guess work in these names, nothing flowery or terribly creative except the perfection of their quality.  Liquid kelp concentrate, liquid bone meal, liquid lime, liquid 4-3-3 fish emulsion, sulfate of potash…..  Within each fertilizer, plant growing needs are served. A combination of these will create a custom formulation for answering both your crop requirements and soil deficiencies, if any.  Let us work with you to order exactly what you need, budget your season and find your best price.  We will work with the AGGRAND team, their fertilizer specialist and Certified Crop Advisor.  Contact link on far left.

For simplicity sake, all the data bulletins and Material Data Safety Sheets, the OMRI Registration and NOP-certifications are at this link.  AGGRAND materials.  Here’s something on each product, links to give details, if you want to go it individually.


AGGRAND 4-3-3 liquid fertilizer

An all purpose fish fertilizer blend for everything green.  Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 (NOF 4-3-3) is a USDA Biobased formulated balance of naturally organic nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Liquid pasture fertilizers in pail or drum. fertilizers, fish emulsion farm fertilizers

AGGRAND 4-3-3 in Organic Series or USDA Biobased.

NOF 4-3-3 ingredients:::: Menhaden fish emulsion for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, essential micronutrients and numerous vitamins and amino acids; Kelp concentrate from the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean for potassium, sulfur, plant-growth hormones, amino acids, micronutrients, fulvic and humic acids; Bloodmeal to boost available nitrogen longer; Wintergreen oil for improved scent.  

Organic Series 4-3-3 NOP-certified (OSF 4-3-3) Ingredients:::: Everything in NOF 4-3-3 plus; Rock phosphate to provide additional natural source of phosphorus, calcium, manganese and iron.  The OS 4-3-3 does not contain bloodmeal.

Links to our pages on AGGRAND 4-3-3  is for basic gardening, lawn care and general commercial use and naturally grown crops, and  AGGRAND Organic Series 4-3-3 for those that need certified organic fertilizers to approve with an agent.

Prices at the AGGRAND store. Bottom of the product pages links to Natural Liquid Fertilizer 4-3-3 Product Data Bulletin, MSDS, Organic Series Liquid 4-3-3 Product Data Bulletin, MSDS, Certification and OMRI registration.


AGGRAND Organic Liquid Kelp with Sulfate of Potash (NKP 0-0-8)

Images of the AGGRAND Liquid Kelp and Sulfate of Potash fertilizer, organic label.

AGGRAND Organic Liquid Kelp with Sulfate of Potash 0-8-0

A liquid seaweed fertilizer made from organic kelp that grows in the North Atlantic and potash from Salt Lake that does not contain damaging chloride. Together these create nutrient uptake, create robust plants and higher nutritional food quality.  Creating the deep greens of healthy plants.

NKP 0-0-8 Ingredients::: Kelp concentrate with high levels of plant-growth hormones, amino acids, micronutrients, fulvic and humic acids: Potash or potassium because this is a component of the fluids that flood plant tissue;  Sulfur for plants to realize the benefits of nitrogen and potassium.

We are suppliers. Potash fertilizer or potassium fertilizer comes in bulk for commercial and farm use too.  Links to our pages on AGGRAND Organic Liquid Kelp with Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8  is for basic gardening, lawn care and general commercial use and naturally grown crops, and is NOP-certified for those that need organic fertilizers to approve with an agent.

Prices at the AGGRAND store plus Organic Kelp w Sulfate of Potash Product Data Bulletin, MSDS, and organic input certification.


AGGRAND Liquid Bonemeal (NBM 0-12-0)

Immage of Liquid Fertilizer 0-12-0 and a 55-gallon drum lizting sizes from quarts to totes.

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal 0-12-0

All natural liquid phosphorous fertilizer that is a super fine ground quality to create quick-release availability to plants and slow-release over the season and longer.  A fertilizer of phosphorous and  calcium for greater roots and larger tubers, along with finer, larger blooms.  Talk to us, instead of lime for your grass or hay field, you might need long-lasting Liquid Bonemeal with the phosphorous instead.  Great as a foliar spray on lawns and hay fields, though gardens are best as a soil fertilizer application.

NBM 0-12-0 Ingredients::: Bone phosphate for phosphorous and calcium for improving the soil cation exchange capacity (CEC), and correcting calcium deficiencies in tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce and cabbages.

The Liquid Bonemeal fertilizer comes in bulk for commercial and farm use too.  Links to AGGRAND information on liquid bonemeal at their store and our pages on AGGRAND All Natural Liquid Bonemeal 0-12-0 is for basic gardening, lawn care and general commercial use and naturally grown crops, and can be used for Certified Naturally Grown, though it is not certified organic.  A fine soil amendment for putting the garden to bed in Autumn and wake up in Spring.

Prices at the AGGRAND store includes the All Natural Liquid Bonemeal Data Bulletin and MSDS

AGGRAND Liquid Lime Soil Amendment

AGGRAND Liquid Lime fertilizer with a 55-gallon drum listing sizes from quarts to 275-gallon totes.

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime for calcium.  Live link image.

AGGRAND Liquid Lime (NLL) can be used on permanent ground covers… professional turf, pasture, hay fields and other permaculture crops that need additional calcium.  Can be mixed with NOF 4-3-3, Liquid Kelp or Liquid Bonemeal. Finely ground limestone in a liquid suspension to be absorbed by leaves and roots. Custom mix your fertilizer using 4-3-3 with Liquid Lime for crops that need copious amounts of calcium.  Use alone too for an increase in pH when needed. increasing soil microbial activity along with earthworms and beneficial insects.

NLL ingredients::: limestone for increasing soil microbial activity along with earthworms and beneficial insects and increasing calcium for regulating opening and closing of leaf pores, removing toxins and developing of shoots and roots.

Links to our pages on AGGRAND Liquid Lime  and Lime for Lawns.  All natural ingredients for basic gardening, lawn care and general commercial use and naturally grown crops, though cannot be used by those that need certified organic fertilizers to approve with an agent.  If you need this, you will probably not need the Liquid Bonemeal at the same time.

Prices at the AGGRAND store plus the All Natural Liquid Lime Product Data Bulletin and MSDS.


AGGRAND Wildlife Food plot Formula

An organically designed liquid fertilizer. AgGrand. Biobased certified. USDA.


Essentially the same as All Natural NOF 4-3-3, so read above for ingredients.  So NOF 4-3-3 is what you will use now the Food Plot Formula is discontinued.  All the dealers with food plots used to use the AGGRAND NOF 4-3-3 and still do.  For food plots the natural fertilizer formulation (NOF) can boost nutrient levels, including protein to provide the macro- and micro-nutrients plants need to flourish. Creates an improved wildlife habitat with nutrient-rich food will help attract more wildlife.  AGGRAND fertilizer 4-3-3 formulation is all natural for wildlife food plots, creating soil biology for the permaculture plot that will not need renovated. Can be applied as a foliar spray along with AGGRAND Liquid Lime if that is also needed, or any AGGRAND fertilizers.

Available in a 2 1/2 gallon jug or a twin pack for 5-gallons.  If you need bulk we have 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes.  Read more on our pages on AGGRAND Natural Wildlife Food plot Formula 4-3-3 and What is a wildlife food plot?  All natural ingredients for wildlife management, parks, wildlife habitat, game plots, photography plots, home owners with a small area to enjoy.

Prices at the AGGRAND store including NOF 4-3-3 Data Bulletin and MSDS.

That’s it for the AGGRAND ingredients.  On to the results and reviews pages, how to get our catalog and how to order AGGRAND for the best prices.  Also the uses for AGGRAND such as for eco friendly lawn care, as a natural fertilizer for vegetable garden, flower garden, tomatoes and fruit, farm / agricultural use and links for AGGRAND fertilizer applications.  But here is some information about the company.

Liquid Fertilizer Manufacturer In U.S.A.

One might think that a liquid fertilizer from organically natural ingredients that seems to little known since it is not on the shelves of the massive home and garden stores is a little production.  But AGGRAND fertilizer is by the AMSOIL Corporation.  AGGRAND is manufactured in Superior, Wisconsin, yes a fertilizer made in the U.S.A..  In 2009, the AGGRAND production and research area was expanded over 17 thousand square feet, plus outdoor growth plots were added. The lab facilities grew and there is now storage space for over 50 thousand gallons of liquid fertilizer in drums, totes and units, all with ample room to grow.

AGGRAND conducts field studies on their fertilizers results and comparisons.  These include growth studies using a control plot, base plot and test plot, always comparing to a leading chemical or organic fertilizer and coming up the winner.  Here are the Vegetable Productivity Studies for 2010 to present. The field evaluations have been for hay on several sites, spring and winter wheat and a wildlife food plot. 

Research tools have been purchased for clearer research information, including a weather station to monitor weather data, and a soil respiration apparatus to determine soil microbial activity, plus a chlorophyll meter.  All the research and information is carried to the consumer and AGGRAND dealers through videos, professional brochures, booklets and a Road Tour.

QUALITY CONTROL  – a newsletter article by AGGRAND fertilizer specialist and Certified Crop Advisor Walt Sandbeck explains the quality assurance and process these products go through before the consumer uses them.  Fertilizer Quality covered in Summer 2013 AGGRAND News.     “Every batch gets a three point analysis and for tracking purposes, sports a seven-digit batch code corresponding to the batch number and the day of production.”

Now for some uses and results information, in a nutshell, with links to launch you to the AGGRAND details, both at AGGRAND and on our website pages……

Green Lawn

When you want a liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate, AGGRAND offers the 4-3-3 all purpose for a balance of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.  A safe fertilizer that pets will not suffer issues like with chemical fertilizers or even natural fertilizers that are often toxic, such as cocoa bean mulch.  Read our page on using AGGRAND for Pet Safe Lawn Fertilizer and why it makes sense for pet owners, families, the environment.  The 4-3-3 can be combined with Liquid Kelp, Liquid Lime or Liquid Bonemeal, and some don’t need extra other than the 4-3-3.  Read our info on AGGRAND Liquid Lime for Lawns here. Contact us for assistance.

AGGRAND PDF on Organic Lawn Care


Natural fertilizer for garden vegetables

AGGRAND has been developed especially to use as a foliar spray application and is safe to be used right on vegetable plants as the spray, in the soil, as a soil amendment when putting the garden to bed or waking it up.  The NOF 4-3-3, Liquid Lime, Liquid Bonemeal areAGGRAND Crop Guide includes vegetables, though the image of the booklet cover shows wheat, apples, tomatoes, cucmbers, hay, golf course, potatoes and beans. all natural.  The OS 4-3-3 and Liquid Kelp with Sulfate of Potash are certified organic liquid fertilizer for vegetables, to be used by those needing a NOP-certification for their agent.  Call us with questions.

AGGRAND GARDEN GUIDE for specific application in the garden  or see the Crop Guide for by the acre.

CUSTOMER USES in the Learning Center

AGGRAND 4-3-3 is a fabulous tomato fertilizer, along with the Liquid Lime for extra calcium.  The guide includes field tomatoes and greenhouse tomatoes.  For a berries and fruit tree fertilizer, consult the different fruits in the Crop Guide too, and the specifics in the Gardening Guide.

Our pages on AGGRAND
Garden Fertilizer
Fruit Fertilizer
Fertilizing Fruit Trees
Flower Fertilizer


Organic Farm Fertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture fertilizer is transitioning more and more toward a sustainable cropping system and choosing natural fertilizers like AGGRAND.  Our banner for agricultural fertilizers lists all the AGGRAND choices, shows hen in pasture, barn, crop spraying, cows in pasture. Reads Made in USA. Our info at bottom.  These are crop safe, land safe, water resources safe.  The cost is competitive with chemical fertilizers, especially since the natural fertilizers are not needed more and more to keep the plants alive while the soil suffers and the soil jungle of earthworms and microbial activity.  Earthworms were created to reproduce themselves in whole ‘pieces’ once cut into smaller pieces for a reason.  They are supposed to be plentiful in healthy soil that is tilled or dug for planting.  But the less compaction, the better for the soil. That is why natural fertilizers.

AGGRAND offers two Organic Series fertilizers, the 4-3-3 and 0-0-8. Organic crops with certification and using OMRI-listed ingredients are grown with these two fertilizers.  These are for organic crops.

The other AGGRAND fertilizers and soil amendments are all natural.  Liquid Bonemeal 0-12-0 and Liquid Lime.   The Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 is biobased certified, though not NOP-certified, but the two 4-3-3 fertilizers are essentially the same.  Read more here or above.

AGGRAND 4-3-3 and all fertilizers and prices.


Liquid Pasture Fertilizer and Hay Fertilizer

Deserving of its own paragraph, hay fields and pastures are two of the most requested application recommendations we receive.  AGGRAND has the liquid fertilizers for permaculture crops and grazing resources.  Easy apps, proven results, repeat clients that talk up their yields and go for more next time.  The basic application is a gallon each of 4-3-3 and liquid bonemeal plus a quart of liquid kelp with sulfate of potash in 75 gallons of water, applying a fine mist.

Hay and Pasture Guide by AGGRAND

Our page, AGGRAND Liquid Fertilizer for Pastures


Commercial Liquid Fertilizer

My rule of thumb.  If you will be ordering drums or totes, I would like to process your farm and/or business as a commercial account.

Businesses using all natural fertilizers, those that need NOP-certification, including all farms, ranches and orchards.   Commercial information at

To open an AGGRAND commercial account, call us or contact us by email  We will send to you the questions for accounts, the tax exempt form, the wholesale price list and commercial discount benefits sheet for freight and pricing off wholesale.  You answer the questions, we do the rest until the tax use form that you fill out, add your AGGRAND ID# and sign for us.  We will get it rolling, taking a few days for the process.  Meanwhile, we work together to detail your order and best prices.  Contact info in the menu and on the far left.  We also have retail accounts for stores to sell AGGRAND fertilizers, so same process, just different questions and arrangement.

AGGRAND Commercial Account, our page                AGGRAND Account Form at their site


Pond Fertilizer

AGGRAND can be used around ponds too. Pond fertilizer banner for your site, shows water hyacinth, dairy herd at pond, pond at sunset.  The bordering pond use is for plants and pastures around farm ponds, fish-stocked ponds, garden ponds and park ponds.  We have a page for that too.  Click our banner at right.  Environmentally safe, no toxic runoff or buildup.  Just natural ingredients in our fertilizers that ponds have in them anyway.




A Water Soluble Fertilizer Designed for Foliar Applications

Typical soil application is 4%, 2% to 3% for foliar applications, & up to 10% when banding.  And yes, AGGRAND fertilizer applications are both soil or foliar.  The application with soil can be in-furrow or banded.  Irrigation can be with drip tape or boom sprayer.  The foliar applications are a money saving means of targeting the nutrients immediately to the use of the plant, they will not become locked into the soil for all the various reasons that does happen.  Here is a pdf on Foliar Fertilizers.  And the Crop Guide to read several groups and the foliar recommendations, giving you an idea of how to apply liquid fertilizers.  AGGRAND has a hose-end sprayer for attaching the quart fertilizers to your garden hose too.

Application Tips

Contact us to use the calculator, we can run the numbers for a close estimate on what you will be using in AGGRAND fertilizers.    When you message, send the acreage, type of application and the fertilizers and soil amendments you will be using.  We will send the information back to you along with details and recommendations.


AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer Prices

The fertilizer dealers for AGGRAND are under contract to not post prices online.  This gives consistency and eliminates mistakes posted, especially keeping all prices up-to-date when there are price changes.  Want a price list for your file?  To have a wholesale / retail AGGRAND price list emailed or mailed to you, contact us with the far left CONTACT button.

To see prices that are wholesale at the AGGRAND store, place a PC membership in your cart for curiosity sake.  You can always remove it if you want to pay retail instead.



AGGRAND Fertilizer Reviews & Results

Here is our lengthy page on the FARM FERTILIZER RESULTS where farmers have been sharing their AGGRAND fertilizer results.The old bridal wreath bushes after AGGRAND kelp and bonemeal fertilizer - could be called man eating branches.

Experiences using the products include another of our Fertilizer Results pages where several users who are not farmers, though some are commercial growers, share their plant issues and how AGGRAND worked for them.


“We purchased a lake cottage with an abandoned garden.  Before the five years it went wild, the main fertilizer was a leading chemical competitor.  After three years of piddly blooms, especially on the bridal wreath and hydrangeas, we discovered AgGrand and ended up with the fence overflowing in spring, full of monster spiraeas from the AgGrand fertilizer.  Now we consider this one the best liquid natural fertilizer ever.  We also tested beans and tomatoes.  Our neighbors asked, “Man, what are you feeding them?””

Neighbors are always asking AGGRAND fertilizer users that question.  Here is a brochure of AgGrand fertilizer experiences.


Who uses AGGRAND Fertilizer? Reviews and Testimonials Brochure

We have two entire pages on AGGRAND fertilizer reviews from market growers, horticulturists, farmers, ranchers, gardeners, gold course management, wildlife habitat management, the world’s largest strawberry plant grower, the world’s largest supplier of food plot products and more.  Read these AGGRAND fertilizer reviews and results here…. and farmers reviews and results here.

Nursery owners have been testing AgGrand fertilizers.  A golf course superintendent tested plantings of bentgrass and simulated drought conditions.  See images below.

Farmers and gardeners all over the United States and Canada have been testing AgGrand Fertilizers for over a decade.  AgGrand has been proven over competing fertilizers to increase the size and lushness of plants and produces a greater harvest time after time.  Read more experiences in AgGrand Testimonials and Newsletters like this one on a near-double-bale harvest of alfalfa by an Indiana farmer.

Cover of the brochure.

Experiences from farmers, market growers, lawn pros, ranchers.  You can trust these fertilizers for your garden too.

Why AgGrand fertilizer is superior and reasons you would switch – besides that these are natural liquid fertilizers.

Saving the Environment and Family

  • Only 7-8% of many chemical fertilizers is utilized by the plant while the rest becomes run-off that can contaminate surface and groundwater.
  • Your soil quality will improve season-after-season.
  • Toxicity level of soil will decrease as healthy soil supports soil microbes, beneficial insects and soil invertebrates.
  • Safe foliar feeding with AgGrand fertilizer that is 20x more efficient than amendments to the soil.
  • Experiencing minimum tillage and less crop failures as your farm and garden improves.

AgGrand Fertilizer Means Saving Money

Two trays of plants, one by AGGRAND fertilizer, one by a leading chemical fertilizer. AGGRAND is much higher and greener. Reads tests done by Wagner's Nursery, Naperville, Illinois ( IL ) . Asks, "Which would you buy?"

  • You will save money over chemical fertilizers which are oil-based and rising in price every year.
  • You will not need the over-kill of chemical fertilizers to get your desire results.
  • Most organic fertilizers are costly while AgGrand fertilizer remains quite affordable, saving costs for gardeners, farmers and commercial growers.
  • Through us, you will be able to order for the same prices we pay, with an annual $20 membership fee.  You don’t have to do this, but you are welcome to use the offer and the membership through us will save you 20 – 25% on your cost.

Test pots of four bentgrass rooted in plastic drinking cups. One fertilized with AGGRAND is tall and lush, the others are yellowed, short, weak, dying.

AGGRAND fertilizer creates a land where even golf courses with their often mowed turf and intense sunshine can thrive during droughts.  A farm country where crops are strong and fertilizer and pesticide costs are lessened dramatically.


Diane E Adams, Independent AGGRAND Fertilizer Dealer, Direct Account Dealer ZO#1755968R

A summer photo of what Aggrand fertilizers did for our cottage garden - Aggrand liquid bonemeal and kelp fertilizers for this bush of gorgeous pink hydrangeas by French doors.

Hydrangeas at sunporch door at the cottage, hello. The year before, nothing.