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Get wholesale fertilizer prices. That is how to save.

Consider this, you would save close to 35% off online retail purchases.

AGGRAND-COMMERCIAL-natural-solutions-commercial-crops-poster-G3198 This is like a buying club.  The affordable fee for joining will most likely always save you far beyond what you have invested to join.  Basically, if you will order more than four quarts OR more than one time this year, then use the membership.  Bulk drums or totes, your account will be commercial. Contact me for processing and packet.  Read about the farmers below who saved with wholesale fertilizer prices and gained greater harvests.

If you would like to order at the same prices we pay, just join the membership for $20 a year ($10 for 6-month trial membership). Canada, a little more for membership.  You are going to save 30% to 40% easily on the natural liquid fertilizers. And much more over the cost of chemical fertilizers. The membership fee for wholesale fertilizer costs also carries over to the AMSOIL automotive and machinery products. Email or call.

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Gardeners and farmers…. Aggrand-garden-guide

One AGGRAND experience is of a farmer in Bedford, Indiana who bales and sells hay to local farmers.  Where he once gained 400 – 500 bales in a season with chemical fertilizers, he doubled his harvest to 900 bales and overall increased his income by $3000.  First, he saved on the liquid fertilizer organic sustainable choice over the petro-based chemical fertilizers.  The chemical fertilizers continue to rise in price with the oil challenges our nation faces.  He saved in paying wholesale fertilizer prices.  He also gained in the harvest.  A three-way win.  Four ways actually, when one considers how the soil has been improved for next season. He used the AGGRAND 4-3-3.

Another farmer, this one from Decatur, Indiana, tested AGGRAND Liquid 4-3-3 fertilizer on a 20-acre virgin field that had to be cleared of trees and overgrowth, then plowed and fertilized.  Basically he was working with meadow grass, so plowing it under was the best option. That same year, he harvested 250 bushels of corn an acre from that field.  Overall, it was a 95 percent increase in his farm’s yield over the previous year, giving a 50% annual increase.  Again, he saved with wholesale fertilizer prices, less on pesticides and gained in his corn harvest income.

AGGRAND-CROP-GUIDE-cover-sm We love to hear about gardeners and farmers saving money by using natural fertilizers.  AGGRAND is a liquid fertilizer, both organic certified and another product that is organic naturally with USDA biobased certification.  There is organic kelp seaweed with sulfate of potash.  Also liquid lime and liquid bonemeal.  And a liquid wildlife food plot fertilizer.  Designed from sustainable sources that provide the crops with what they need to bring out their best.  Nutrition for the finest taste, the amazing benefits of a strong system.  And you can choose wholesale fertilizer prices.

Another farm using wholesale fertilizer prices in AGGRAND Customer Preferred savings and discounts

A farmer in Oklahoma used AGGRAND 4-3-3 and AGGRAND Liquid Lime to bring up the pH balance of the soil on an old hog farm where chemical fertilizers and chicken manure had been key to stripping nutrients.  Even during a drought, his first cut yielded ninety-seven, 1000-pound round bales of hay.  Around twice the yield of other area farms.  Then he saved more money by changing it up during the second cut of the summer.  Rather than cutting down to the soil, he left about 4-inches of grass on the fields and put down another round of the AGGRAND liquid fertilizers at wholesale fertilizer prices.  He has not had to re-seed the land and the weeds have not returned.

AMSOIL_WHOLESALE_PCs Thank you for stopping in and reading.  This means a lot to us.  We want to bring money-saving, green resources for every farm and garden.  We want to see the small farmer and large farmer find a more sustainable future with less expense and more income.

If your order will be 55-gallon drums or 275-totes, contact me to process your commercial account.

You can save with wholesale fertilizer prices, first through the Preferred Customer Program which is the same as a membership fee for a buying club.  Either $10 for the 6-month trial period.  Or $20 for the year.  Memberships automatically expire, no worries there.  Email or call with questions.

Diane Adams, Independent Direct Account AGGRAND Liquid Fertilizer Dealer

Suggesting you use wholesale fertilizer prices for your home garden or your pasture application, no land too small. PC is your best membership.