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The AGGRAND FERTILIZER CATALOG to download or have mailed has been approved by the fertilizer division for me to use with my customers.  In this free catalog, I compiled everything published by our fertilizer division.  AGGRAND has a slew of bulletins, brochures and documentation which are now downloads in the PDF along with my comments and tips I have learned through the CCA and other dealers.  Includes data bulletins and testimonials from farms and market growers.  Application guides helpful for backyard gardeners, flower gardens and lawn maintenance.  Download for the AGGRAND Growing Guides…. see Farm Fertilizer Results here…….

For the AGGRAND COLLECTION fertilizer catalog,

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AGGRAND COLLECTION fertilizer catalog

Download through here.

 AMSOIL automotive, lawn maintenance, farm machinery or biodegradable oil.  Low toxicity antifreeze needed?  Let me know if you are …. A golf course superintendent…..  Landscape and lawn pros…… Planting a personal garden…… Working a small farm? Ranch? Orchard?  Pastures?  Free-range?  Organic? 

Safe pet products includes the AGGRAND fertilizers too?











In the autoresponder, you will receive the download link for the liquid fertilizer by AGGRAND.  Information on both natural and organics information and prices.  When I know more about your farm business, ranch, orchard, or your home garden, I will send the brochures and fliers to your benefit. Thank you for your request for this free AGGRAND fertilizer catalog of information. We appreciate the chance to tell you even more.

Even before you receive your AgGrand catalog, if you would like to become a member of the AGGRAND buying club, the annual fee of $20 will most likely be saved with your first order. We know ours was. There are no minimum orders, no strings. You may join for a trial-membership, too. $10 for 6-months. What you receive is often 20 – 25% off your prices, therefore paying the same price we do as AGGRAND dealers.  This membership fee carries over to AMSOIL synthetic and automotive products (info in back of the AGGRAND Collection catalog) as well as ALTRUM natural supplements.

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Please note the ‘catalog’ we send is not published by AGGRAND/AMSOIL corporation.  These cataloged recommendations and details are from AGGRAND information, presented by Liquid Fertilizer, Organic Naturally.    Note: the ALTRUM health supplements catalog which you can view and download here…..

Your request is appreciated!

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NOTE: Fertilizer catalogs available to download or be mailed. For a mailed AGGRAND catalog, please email your request.