Liquid Fertilizer formulated by AGGRAND: Organic Series 4-3-3, All Natural Biobased 4-3-3, Bonemeal, Lime, Kelp – Seaweed.   FERTILIZER STORE  Designed especially for foliar spray applications with the finest ingredients in concentrate.  Superfine grind for foliar yet highly suited for soil applications, drip-tape, injector, pivot irrigation.  Fertilizers for lawns, vegetables, fruit, agricultural and commercial use. Quarts, gallons, jugs, pails, drums, totes.  Contact D. Adams

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Liquid fertilizer in natural & organic choices is designed for your…..

  • home garden
  • farm and ranch
  • market business
  • orchard, fruit field and vineyard
  • wildlife management
  • turf management
  • landscape and lawn services.


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Residential Organic Garden page

Farm and Commercial Organic Fertilizer Information


We appreciate you checking in on our liquid fertilizers.  We believe in these, use them and see great results on our own land.  Though used in soil applications too, AgGrand quality liquid fertilizers are especially useful as foliar applications, the spray misted onto leaves, stalks and stems give plants the nutrients washed away by too much rain or locked in the soil by not enough, and it gives those minerals the plants cannot uptake due to soil deficiencies.  Corn, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, hay, anything will respond to foliar applications.  You want a super fine-grind on fertilizer ingredients, or those that have been emulsified and further prepared to never clog lines.  There can be as many headaches with water soluble liquid fertilizers as with granule when they are not prepared properly, so consider AGGRAND. Research proven, tested in drip lines, no clogging and highly impressive results.

The products can be mixed for custom needs…… your choices……

  • Organic Series OSF 4-3-3, NOP-certified with OMRI-listed ingredients
  • All natural biobased NOF 4-3-3
  • NOP-certified Liquid Kelp with Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8
  • All Natural Liquid Bone Meal 0-12-0
  • Premium Liquid Lime

    Liquid fertilizer website shows garden vegetables, flowers, berries, free-range chickens, horse pasture.

These liquid fertilizers are green, safe, environmentally sustainable and highly effective.

Believe in the power of nature?  Want soil amendments that save you money?  Want improved soil?  Increased yields?

All AGGRAND Liquid Fertilizers stimulate microbial activity in the soil.  Read more about each fertilizer choice below.  Contact us for assistance on what combination you might need.  Remember that using a soil analysis would help you know what your crop requirements are in your garden or field.  Here are liquid fertilizer applications on field crops, orchards, gardens and more.

AGGRAND Crop Guide or AGGRAND Gardening Guide for more information.

Information on using AGGRAND in commercial and agricultural operations.

AGGRAND (pronounced ag-grand) is a safe, highly effective alternative to chemical fertilizers.  You can read more at that link.  Us… we hear from farm clients each week telling us something, “The pasture looks good and not much rain.” “The alfalfa cutting was heavier than we ever remember.” “The corn is growing like weeds and it isn’t because of the rain, we haven’t had much of that.”  AGGRAND liquid fertilizers is all about the root system but does not need to be applied to the root or soil.

Bulk liquid fertilizer sizes too.  From quart, jug, drum to tote of liquid fertilizer for all needs…

  • Quart or 12-quart case (all except OSF 4-3-3 and Wildlife Formula)
  • 2 1/2 gallon jug or 5-gallon case (all except OSF 4-3-3)
  • 5-gallon pail (Organic Series Fertilizer 4-3-3 only)
  • 55-gallon drum (all except Wildlife Formula, so order NOF 4-3-3 for bulk food plot fertilizer)
  • 275-gallon tote (all except Wildlife Formula)

Organic Series OSF 4-3-3 Liquid Fertilizer  OMRI ingredients formulation by AGGRAND

Liquid organic fertilizer pricing for AGGRAND ORGANIC SERIES Liquid Fertilizer 4-3-3. The organic design is intended for those who need NOP-certification in their market. OMRI Listed ingredients: menhaden fish emulsion concentrate, kelp concentrate, sulfate of potash.

Intended as an alternative to AGGRAND All Natural 4-3-3.  For growers who must use fertilizers certified to NOP standards.  A multipurpose liquid fertilizer concentrate.  Promotes vigorous growth.  Increases root development.  Improves stress and disease tolerance in vegetables, fruits, nut trees and field crops. Listed by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.  Provides essential macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a ratio of 4-3-3.  Fish emulsion, seaweed kelp concentrate, sulfate of potash, and more. Approved USDA BioPreferred. With AGGRAND being non-chemical and meeting compliance criteria as a product that is not harmful to humans, habitat and ecology.  Bulk in 5-gallon pail, 55-gallon drum, 275-gallon tote. Excellent used as foliar spray application.  Impressive and easy in-furrow and soil applications.  OSF 4-3-3

Read more Organic Series 4-3-3 benefits and see retail / wholesale prices.


USDA Biopreferred Natural Liquid Fertilizer NOF 4-3-3 by AGGRAND

Image of Holsteins in pasture, picked vegetables in garden, AGGRAND icon. For our liquid fertilizer organic .com banner shows the biobased in 2 1/2 gallon jug and a blue 55-gallon drum with sizes listed. Reads: Prices, info, order..... retail or preferred customer membership... seldom sold in stores.... and click for online store.

A multipurpose liquid concentrate from menhaden fish emulsion and organic seaweed / kelp, bloodmeal, sugar molasses, Vitamin B1 which include 10 essential micronutrients, numerous vitamins and amino acids.  Also stimulates microbial activity in soil.  Provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium at 4-3-3 ratio. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer is the ideal product for those seeking a natural fertilizer that demonstrates superior results but do not need NOP-certification.  NOF 4-3-3

USDA biobased - biopreferred label.

Liquid fertilizer given USDA biobased labeling

AGGRAND is well known and accepted as one of the leading liquid fertilizer brands and at garden shows people are widely accepting of the USDA Biopreferred label on the All Natural 4-3-3 all purpose fertilizer.  This one is designed for those who do not need the NOP-certification but want the organic elements in their liquid fertilizer.  Safe, environmentally friendly, same as organic.

See more All Natural 4-3-3 information 4-3-3 and retail / wholesale prices.


Organic Liquid Kelp Fertilizer with Sulfate of Potash NKP 0-0-8 by AGGRAND Fertilizer

Our website banner for AGGRAND Liquid Kelp - shows a ripe Fuji apple on tree, grown organic, and an organic garden. Also image of AGGRAND kelp jug and a 55-gallon drum. Reads, click for online store, seldom sold in stores, Retail or preferred customer discounts to 25%.

Concentrated liquid fertilizer derived from Ascophyllum nodosum, a species of seaweed grown in the icy North Atlantic Ocean.  High levels of plant-growth hormones, amino acids, micronutrients and potash.  Promotes robust, healthy plants by reducing susceptibility to stress from heat, cold and periods of drought. Kelp can also increase plant growth rates, fruit production, size and general quality.  Contains fulvic and humic acids to release nutrients from the soil, act as chelating agents, aid in foliar and root uptake and stimulate soil microbial activity. As the microbes multiply, they break down organic matter into humus and further nourish the soil as they die.  AGGRAND Liquid Kelp Fertilizer is a concentrated formula containing 8 percent readily available potash for use on all types of crops and plants.  Potential benefits are dark green leaves, higher nutritional quality, firm stalks, prolific root growth, greater plant vigor, improved nutrient uptake, fewer blemishes, reduced susceptibility to insects and disease and increased shelf-life.  Also contains 2 percent sulfur, called “the fourth major nutrient,” which must be present in sufficient amounts in the soil and plant tissue for plants to realize the benefits of nitrogen and potassium.  Foliar application with the liquid fertilizer assist in plant uptake of these nutrients and in warding off pest attack and disease.  NKP 0-0-8

 Read more about AGGRAND Organic Liquid Kelp 0-0-8, including prices both retail and wholesale.

Natural Liquid Bonemeal NKP 0-12-0 by AGGRAND

Our website banner for AGGRAND Liquid Bonemeal Fertilizer shows image for 2 1/2 gallon jug and bulk 55-gallon barrel. Lists sizes. Reads Click for online store. Prices, info, data. Save as a preferred customer by 25%. Seldom sold in stores. Shows AGGRAND logo, and colorful blue and purple images of blueberries and blackberries, below are large blue hyacinths in a spring garden.Fast-release and slow-release from bone phosphate as a fine grade / superfine ground liquid fertilizer suspension.  A concentrated liquid fertilizer formula containing readily available phosphorus and calcium.  Natural phosphorus is recommended during transplanting vegetable and flower starts and planting bulbs and seeds to promote root development for faster-growing, healthier plants, increased production of blooms and yields of high-quality flowers and fruit. The phosphorus is not confined to the soil like most bonemeal fertilizers.  Available to plants in a much shorter period and spread more deeply into the plant root zone more quickly than coarser products.  The fast-release phosphorus in AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal makes it an excellent foliar feed application for trees, flowers, vegetables and crops that require extra phosphorus during early bud formation and fruit enlargement.  With AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal, carrots and potatoes increase in size and root/tuber quality, while bulbs produce more and bigger flowers and can be split more frequently.  The calcium can improve soil tilth and cation exchange capacity and is useful in correcting calcium deficiencies in plants such as tomatoes and cabbages. AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal fertilizer promotes early plant growth and development, leading to high-quality flowers, fruits, roots and field crops.  NBM 0-12-0

 More on Liquid Bone Meal 0-12-0, including retail prices or wholesale.

Natural Liquid Lime Fertilizer from AGGRAND Fertilizers

Our website banner for liquid lime fertilizer - images include the jug and a bulk drum, listing sizes. READS:: data, info, prices, seldom sold in stores, preferred customer offer to save up to 25%, and MADE IN USA and click for online store. Other images are the greens - a lush lawn, a clover pasture with sheep, a horse pasture with brown mares. And AGGRAND logo.Liquid fertilizer support with an effective soil amendment that can be applied as a foliar application.  AGGRAND Liquid Lime is an easy and effective alternative to bagged lime for use on permanent ground covers such as turf, pastures and hay fields.  Finely ground limestone in a liquid suspension that can be absorbed by leaves and roots.   Can be used with AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizer to supply additional vital calcium to crops such as tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage and lettuce that need copious amounts of this vital nutrient.  Calcium regulates opening and closing of the stomata (leaf pores), removes toxins from tissue, contributes to development of shoots and roots, making the plant more resistant to unwelcome invaders.  Many acidic soils do not contain enough calcium to support prolific plant growth.  When soil pH is below 6.0, plants may show signs of calcium deficiency such as leaf yellowing, retarded growth of roots and shoots, die-back of growing tips and premature death of older leaves.  Easily correct calcium deficiencies without the need to till in bagged lime by using liquid lime.  Immediately produce green lawns, productive pastures and hay fields by delivering the calcium needed to promote superior plant growth.  NLL soil supplement.

All Natural Liquid Lime information and prices both retail and wholesale.



Liquid Fertilizer Foliar Applications vs Soil Only Applications

AGGRAND fertilizers are liquid formulations that can be used in both foliar spray or soil applications.  There are other fertilizers that are only intended for soil applications and are not at all safe as a foliar spray.  Here we list some benefits of the AGGRAND when weighed against the non-foliar fertilizers, liquid or granular.

APPLYING — Liquid Fertilizer Foliar Applications PDF   AGGRAND fertilizers can be applied through a garden hose sprayer attachment, a walkabout backpack sprayer, a tank with the lawnmower, irrigation drip rigs, boom and other field sprayers, field plane spray application and field irrigation systems including pivots.

TIMING FOR LIQUID FERTILIZER FOLIAR APPLICATIONS — Plants respond to foliar applications when they are timed to coincide with seedling emergence (3-6 in height after 2 to 4 true leaves have formed), 2-3 weeks before first bloom (legumes such as snap beans or soybeans), first bloom (tomatoes, cucumbers, melons), runnering (cucumbers, melons) cluster formation (tomatoes) and fruit fill (tomatoes, melons, cucumbers).  Some fertilizers would not be safe with young seedlings.

IMPACTION OF SOIL MINIMIZED — Foliar applications can be made with less travel through field or lawn, thus minimizing the soil impaction your crops would otherwise have to tolerate.  The less driving over the field, pasture and lawn, the better.

pH — Liquid fertilizers also can be used for too high or too low soil pH.  Use baking soda, hydrated lime or calcium nitrate to raise the pH, or use apple cider vinegar to lower the pH.  Because it produces the most balanced chemistry, calcium nitrate works best with AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer.  When using baking soda, do not use more than 1 tbs./gal. of the fertilizer mixture because it will add too much sodium.  Or you can use a baking soda with no aluminum and no sodium.

PLANT STRESS ELIMINATED — When AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 and Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 are applied before drought, frost, insect attack or the onset of disease susceptible stages, the effects of the stress will be reduced or eliminated.

SOIL IMBALANCE CORRECTED — Foliar applications are effective in situations where a soil chemistry imbalance, cold soils or low soil fertility limit the root uptake of nutrients.

Summary of the benefits to foliar feeding with AGGRAND liquid fertilizers

  • Adjusting pH with natural ingredients.
  • Easy applications with any liquid fertilization implement.
  • Applied onto the plant before drought, front, insect attack, onset of disease to manage stress on crops.
  • Ease in correcting soil imbalance issues.
  • Able to time fertilization with plant growth, emergence, pre-first bloom, first bloom, runnering and fruit fill.  Dry fertilizer and soil only applications are a bit tricky for some of these.
  • Minimizes soil impaction due to less traffic over fields and lawns.

Liquid Fertilizer for Hay and Pasture

Hay and Pasture Fertilizers and Foliar Application Information  Liquid pasture fertilizer banner with white cattle facing camera, red horse grazing, white llama sitting pretty, all fertilizers and our info.

Liquid fertilizer applications for hay and pasture are only required a few times each year, once at first growth of 4 to 6 inches in height.  Second after cutting when crop has regrown to same 4 – 6 inch height.  Mix 1 gallon AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer, 1 gallon AGGRAND Liquid Bonemeal, 1 quart AGGRAND Kelp and Sulfate of Potash and 75 gallons of water. Apply as a fine mist with enough solution to thoroughly cover leaves.  If soil testing indicates moderate to high phosphorus levels or low calcium levels, substitute AGGRAND Liquid Lime for AGGRAND Liquid Bonemeal Fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer options

Close up of a bucket of manure tea with horse apples on top.

These are real horse apples stewing into liquid fertilizer, organic tea.

We all know a few old standbys… like manure.  You have perhaps loaded a few trucks with manure.  You could do manure tea, they are selling it in tea bags now.  Or have horse apples seeping in your backyard.  We did decades ago, good stuff, but rabbit manure tea was better.  Try mint compost with Holstein manure tea.  Best yet, ducks in a cast iron tub, siphoning the water onto the garden.  Really.

Or you might want it easy, affordable in a quart or gallon, drum, tote.  Just choose our organic or all natural liquid fertilizers NPK 4-3-3, Liquid Bone Meal 0-12-0, Liquid Kelp 0-0-8, Liquid Lime.

EASY ORDER – Here are all liquid fertilizer details and pricing.  First see price discount information below.  You can choose from six (6) ways to pay, only one being retail prices.  See PCs save on right.  It’s in your hands.

Woman in her garden, raised beds, poles, trees, flowers, herbs everywhere. She is in long skirt, bending over her plants.

You are welcome to email or telephone us with questions about liquid fertilizer applications and needs.

Also, Monday through Friday, 8 – 5 CST, the AGGRAND technicians are there to assist, even by designing a fertilizing program for your land.  715.399.6419.  Including Walt Sandbeck, Aggrand Certified Crop Adviser (CCA).  You are welcome to call us and we will connect with them.  Or send a copy of your soil test to us.  If you don’t have one, here is a soil test kit to order now through Midwest Labs in Omaha, Nebraska.

We can help you figure out the best choice for your family or farm or business to gain the best discounts from AGGRAND liquid fertilizers.  We are AGGRAND dealers for a few reasons, and one is to help people be frugal, save money and get the best from their land, their vehicles, their health.  AGGRAND, AMSOIL and ALTRUM do that for all of us, given the chance.  Your first customer order number would be 1755968R. When you give that order to AGGRAND, that means you are ordering through us (everyone needs a distributor to order through).  We hope you will work with us.  This is us……. 

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That you have spent time reading means a lot to us. Thanks!

Diane Adams, Independent Certified AGGRAND Direct Account Dealer

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