Most of this site is now private until I find a new liquid organic fertilizer to replace the product that was discontinued.  It was called AGGRAND.  You may be able to look at the product information I  compiled through this download link.  It will give you an idea of the quality I expect in a natural and organic liquid fertilizer for your pastures, field crops and gardens.  One day soon I hope to restructure this website and again be selling the fertilizers to my customers. 


This is what the AGGRAND looked like, in case you think you may have ordered it before.  This is what we will be missing.
Liquid pasture fertilizer banner with white cattle facing camera, red horse grazing, white llama sitting pretty, all fertilizers and our info.


You are welcome to email if you have viable all natural and/or organic fertilizers you think will meet my standard for my customers.  It must be a product I can sell from online like I have thus far.

Woman in her garden, raised beds, poles, trees, flowers, herbs everywhere. She is in long skirt, bending over her plants.